Team Hannah Blog 01/04/12 — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Hannah great video – giggling away!! SO lovely to see you looking so full of fun and so well, good luck with your next scan, and here`s hoping you will be off the treatment in June or very soon – lots of love xxx

  2. Funtastic to see you happy out, reminds me of your smile and the lough we had before you left this rainy island. Hope to see you again soon. Keep up the good spirits you are an inspiration!!!!

  3. Hi Hannah
    Whilst I do not know you personally I’d like to send you my heart felt feelings of joy that you are still with us and fighting so hard for your life following your horrible diagnosis. I did see you at Pete’s Saturday workshop earlier in the year, but did not want to intrude unannounced/introduced sos to speak 😉
    I have your cook book and am looking forward to your next one. Having just spent a couple of weeks in the States I have no idea how you managed to live carbo/sugar free whilst you were there setting up your treatment. I found it almost impossible to find things to eat in restaurants that offered anything but high sugar carbohydrates. I follow Pete’s WLGuru pages and Am a firm believer and promoter of all you both do. So keep up the fight and keep up the smile, you’ve done amazingly well long may it last. Very Best Wishes Jane Cunningham

  4. So pleased to see Hannah looking so refreshed and happy – a lovely video (and thanks for leaving in the first part – loved that!). Good luck with your scan, sure you’re going to be off the treatment very soon, xx

  5. Thank you, made my day to see your lovely giggling face. Well done for getting this far in your journey and still be smiling xxx

  6. HI…Hannah
    so good to see you sending all our love from blythswood hotel
    love you!! keep fighting the good fight!!
    luv n hugs
    sally xxx

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