Team Hannah Blog 06/06/13 — 5 Comments

  1. The only thanks needed are to see Hannahs smiling face and know that you can both have the future you deserve at long last.

    I cried tears of sadness for you and now tears of happiness – good luck and take care you are both more special than you know!!

  2. OMG you two are HILARIOUS! I was diagnosed with a brainstem tumor (DIPG) two months ago and am hoping I can get Dr. Burzynski’s treatment. You two just made my day with how *adorable* you are – that, and the fact, of course Hannah, that you are here and survived your diagnosis – thank you for sharing! :-)

  3. Happy Off Treatment Day Guys! What an amazing journey you’re both an inspiration. 6th June is our new little girls birthday too so we’ll always remember this occasion. Don’t you just love happy endings and new beginnings. Much love The Banyards xx

  4. What absolutely fantastic news Hannah, the news we have all been waiting and praying for. I am crying very, very happy tears for you. What a journey you have had, and now you can, at last both go forward in your lives together. I cannot really find the right words, I am SO HAPPY, I know together you will be happy, and you now have a new start, I wish you both all the happiness in the world. you deserve it. Please “blog ” (yawn free if poss. Hannah!!)from time to time as I will be wondering how you both are getting on (happy and silly together as ever!!) my love to you both, go forward and have a wonderful life together. Lots of love as always xxxxx

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