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Hannah’s Anecdote

A film about Hannah’s journey to The Burzynski Clinic

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My name is Pete Cohen and I want to tell you about a very special appeal called Team Hannah. This appeal was set up to save the life of my partner, Hannah Bradley, who is 28 years old and has brain cancer.

We needed to raise around £200,000 to give her the opportunity to have life-saving treatment at The Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.

Hannah has now started treatment and after 9 months has had a complete response and she will continue on the treatment until April/May 2013.

You will see above this a film we made called Hannah’s Anecdote. We made this to share with the world Hannah’s journey to beat this cancer and live a normal life. Please share this with everyone you can, so together we can raise awareness of Hannah’s success and of Dr. Burzynski. We are totally aware of the controversy surrounding Dr. Burzynski but we have seen with our own eyes that he has saved Hannah’s life.
Also on this site you can see the Team Hannah blog that we started in October last year as well more information about Dr. Burzynski and his treatment for cancer.

Our Story

I first met Hannah in April 2010 and we fell in love and since then our relationship has gone from strength to strength. Hannah is 28, has a great personality and has a fantastic sense of humour. Our world took a dramatic turn in February 2011 when, out of the blue, Hannah had a major seizure in the middle of the night. She lost consciousness and was rushed to hospital.

Hannah does not remember much about the two months that followed as she had constant headaches and a number of seizures. She was diagnosed with a very serious brain tumour called Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Hannah decided to have surgery and the 1st of April 2011 and underwent a six and a half hour operation. She was awake for nearly three hours of this operation.

The operation was a success and they managed to remove nearly all of the tumour. We had to wait for the results of the biopsy for a few weeks and we remained positive. However, the news was not good and our world was rocked once more as the results showed a Grade III tumour. Hannah’s bravery and resolve once again rose up as shortly after this she started a six week course of radiotherapy. This went well for the first few weeks but was followed by Hannah’s hair falling out and bouts of tiredness and lethargy.

On top of all of this, Hannah has been dealing with losing her driving licence as she has had a number of seizures and now has epilepsy.

Six weeks after the radiotherapy finished, Hannah had another MRI to see what was going on with the tumour, Once again more bad news, as there were still remnants of this aggressive tumour.

Hannah’s treatment options are very limited and her life expectancy is for this type of tumour is normally around 18 months and this is why I started a mission to find people who had the same condition and are still alive today. I managed to track down a number of these people to speak to them.

The most popular and most successful were treated in America by Doctor Burzynski. He has developed a pioneering treatment which has been proven to be very effective against treating aggressive cancers, and especially brain cancer, without harming the body. The clinic has been running for over 25 years and has been able to not only stabilise, but potentially cure this awful disease. I have a link to a fascinating documentary about Dr Burzynski as well as some videos of people he has treated and cured on this site if you are interested in learning more. One lady is called Jodi Gold Fenton and she had exactly the same tumour and grade as Hannah. She is now completely cured and has recently given birth to her second child.

This treatment is not available via the NHS and every penny of the donations will go towards Hannah’s treatment and anything left over will go towards helping others who find themselves in a similar situation and need help.

Any help you can give us will be most appreciated and we will keep you updated with Hannah’s journey.


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  1. My name is Cornelia Doros and I was diagnosed in 2003 with Sclerosing Epitheloid Fibrosarcoma and had 5 surgeries, one radiotherapy and one cyberknife surgery. As surgery is no more an option for me I went as well to Burzynski clinic this year in February. I want to talk with you on the phone(02082969565) or if you think I don’t invade your privacy I want to meet with you wherever you want. I am desperate to find your way or any other way to get the treatment with antineoplastons. Please contact me on the phone or email. Thank you.

  2. haveing read the story about hannahs brain tumour, it all came flooding back when i found out my 38 year old daughter has the same brain tumour in the same place, this was her second brain tumour .she was told she only had 12 to 18 mounths to live this was back in 2010. sadly she moved and that was the last time i see her. i been trying to find her but all as failed . i miss her deeply. i dont even no if she as pasted away. i feel for hannah and her fears. and i wish her all the best. i only wish my daughter could have been helped but i feel its fare to late. i write this with tears in my eyes where ever she is i miss her so very much . all the best hannah you are a brave girl you really are y fleet

  3. This is my second attempt. If you send me an address I will send you 1000 euros in the hope that it will help Hanna

  4. Dear Hannah and Pete, how are you guys? I wanted Hannah to know that I just feel real good that she is going to be okay, and wow she is so beautiful too. What a knockout. I said that part about the believing in God stuff because my sister-in-law actually is from England, sorry I do not remember which part at the moment, but she does not believe and I love her just the same. She went through breast cancer, and I know that is not as horrible as what Hannah has had, but maybe you are doing good. I know people that have had to go back to Dr. Burzynksi, but they are alive. I learned of him a long time ago, and now I’m truly inspired to get the word out. My husband and I do not have a lot of money, but (my sister-in-law in law from England does). Anyway, is there anything we can do to help now?? Please let us know and tell me how you are. I live in a part Louisiana, that is not far from Houston at all. I’ll be checking on you now and again. Until then, do not give up!!


  5. Hi Hannah and Pete,

    I actually used to work in Houston and I heard about Dr. Burzynski. I was unsure if anything I heard was true as I also heard all of the negative things you guys did too. I am actually a medical transcriptionist and in the course of transcribing a report, I found his name again and your story. It really touched me as cancer runs rampant in my family. I lost my father because of cancer, but it was not so much the cancer as it was the chemotherapy, so I honestly believe at some point I will probably get it myself. I honestly wanted to see how you guys were doing. I hope you are well. Please do not take offense, when I say you are in my prayers because that’s just my belief. I do not desire to put that on anyone else. I just want Hannah to get well so much. You touched me a lot, and wow to think you guys came all the way to Houston just to see this doctor, he must not be such a quack. Just so you know, what I had initially found out, was that MD Anderson which of course is a well-known cancer treatment center wanted to put their name on Dr. Burzynski’s treatment and because he would not allow them to well that’s why his treatment is not in the mainstream of things. I do not know if that’s true or not, but it sounds about right to me. I wish you the best of luck. Many, many happy years and God Bless you both.

    Rachel Armour (pronounced like armor)I live in Louisiana right now. I’m rooting for you!!!

  6. Dear hannah and Pete my heart goes out to yous. If you send me an address I will send you a thousand euros in the hope that it will help. wish you both all the luck in the world awx

  7. Thank you both for making this film. It definitely succeeded in inspiring me. I have recently (Dec 20, 2012) been diagnosed with cancer and have begun treatment with a naturopathic doctor in Canada. I am already feeling better than I have in decades. Although I have many more tests and treatments to go, not sure about conventional treatments yet, but I do know that the cancer has NOT spread. I am delighted so far and am praying for a positive outcome like you both so very much deserved.

    God bless both of you and thank you so much for sharing your story and your success. Your story brought tears of joy to my eyes and was very therapeutic for me.



  8. I was wondering what you felt about burzinski ? There is so much negativity around him on the web, quackery etc, what is your opinion , and how is Hannah doing, j

    • Hi Jeremy
      Our experiences of Dr Burzynski have all been positive. It’s a great doctor and his treatment has really worked on Hannah. She continues to make great progress.
      He is no a way a quack but a medical pioneer in our eyes.
      Pete and Hannah

      • Hi Hanna and Pete,

        Thank you so much for making this video. I was just wondering how you are doing these days? Are things still getting better for you? I really hope and pray they are. I was touched by your story and will think of you often in the future.

  9. Dearest Hannah and Pete
    We think of you both often and are in awe of your bravery to overcome this, what is more we know what a great love Pete has for you Hannah and we know that this will keep you strong.
    Thinking of you both over this Christmas holiday and sending you much love going into 2013 and beyond.
    With All Our Love
    Hailey and Andy X

  10. Hi Hannah and Pete,

    The two of you have had an open mind for alternative treatments that you have graciously allowed me share with you and others on your website. Here is another treatment / cure? a friend shared with me today. I do not know any facts of Dr. Beck’s evidence. Here is the link.

    Dr Robert Bob Beck Lecture – Suppressed Medical Discovery To Treat All Disease (YouTube)

    I wish you peace,

  11. Hey Hannah & Pete,

    Firstly let me send you my best wishes, I hope that you are both doing ok!! I am halfway through your video – the part where Hannah has become unwell with chills and a temperature – and it has struck me that no-one appears to be using a sterile/aseptic/non-touch technique when handling Hannah’s Hickman line. As I am sure you are aware, the Hickman line is an easy route for infection to travel direct into the blood stream, and should therefor be handled with extreme care in regards to infection. I work in Paediatric Oncology within the UK, and I would NEVER attempt to access a hickman line without (at the very least) washing my hands thoroughly and cleaning the entry port of the line with an appropriate disinfectant wipe first. I am not sure where you are in the world at the moment, nor if you are actually carrying out this procedure and it has just not been filmed, but I just thought I would make you both aware as I am very concerned that your Hickman may not be handled in the way that it should to prevent infection. I really do hope that you find a cure Hannah, this is such a cruel disease and I hope and pray that one day a cure will be found for all cancer sufferers!

    Kindest regards, Claire

    • Thank you for your concern. Pete has been trained in how to handle a Hickman line for “emergency” dressings changes but, I normally have my dressings changed it the hospital where I go twice/three times a week to have blood taken. As for during the film it was edited out where the cleaning was actually done.
      Thank you again xxx

  12. Hi Hanna and Pete,

    Exciting news. This is probably old information for the two of you, but please read this article in NORML, how doctors are having tremendous preliminary results with cannabis oil curing or greatly reducing the growth of Gliomas / Cancers.

    Also, look into the Japanese plant called: Ashitaba. Known for over 1000 years by the Japanese people. Boosts the immune system, cures a number of cancers, cures small pox, etc. Please, look into it.


  13. It’s been a year since I first saw your story, so having just watched ‘Hannah’s Anecdote’ it’s just re-afirmed my faith in human kind that there are people out there with the courage & determination to follow what they think is right. I’ve tried to spread the word about your story as much as I can & will continue to do so with the GREAT news that your treatment is working. We send all our love to both you & Pete to whom are obviously such a strong & special couple.
    PS: I think we live local to you so if there is anything we can do to help spread the word feel free to get in touch.

  14. Hello, my name is Courtney my husband was diagnosed in February 2011 with a supposed “benign” brain tumor. In May 2012 he was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma. He is young just like you only 22 years old. This is very devastating to me and our families. My husband and I were high school sweet hearts and I was 5 months pregnant when my husband was given this horrible diagnosis. He started his radiotherapy in June of this year alongside with chemotherapy and is doing monthly maintenance chemo currently. It is wonderful to hear someone with the same diagnosis doing so well and I am very happy for you. I was wondering if you could give me information to get in touch with someone at the Burzynski clinic to see if my husband would be a candidate for treatment. I would be very interested in hearing more about your progress and any information you could give. Your video really touched me and to see you receive your good news in the video where your tumor was decreasing brought tears to my eyes as I yearn for m husband to receive the same news. I wish you well and hope you are willing to share information with me.

  15. Hi Hannah,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I couldn’t help but notice you pulled my last post. I must apologize. We may speak the same English, but my cross-cultural understanding has much to be desired and if I caused you any offense, I meant you no discomfort; especially at this trying time in your life.

    Very truly yours,

    Dennis, he-who-has-egg-on-his-face

  16. Hi Hannah
    I did not have a clue about this until I asked Sian today how you were. I am really sorry to hear what you have been through. I’m so pleased to see that everything has been going positive for you and can see you have amazing support from your partner! I wish you both all the best and I will be following your journey back to full recovery. Your story is insiring and so are yourself and Pete.
    Lots of Love Marilyse xxx

  17. Hi Hannah,

    I hope you are doing well. I found an article you my find of interest. Mind you, I am not sure if this compound focuses mainly on the prostate, which I know you don’t have, or maybe it may be systemic. Either way, it is worth a look over.

    Re: Thapsia Garganica: Mediterranean Weed Compound Kills Tumors —

    The article was located at:

    Remember sweety, when you are at your lowest, the only way is up. :) You look like a strapping girl, you hang in there lass, ok.


  18. Hi Hannah,
    your story touched us greatly. My mom just got diagnosed 3 weeks ago with anaplastic astercytoma stage 3. we are so devastated! I was so happy to see your documentary about Dr. burzynskis place. right now, being 1 of 7 children, I am truly lost. Some of my siblings say that Burzynski is a hoax! How can I possibly convince them that you truly got cured by him? My mom started chemo and radiation therapy 2 weeks ago. She has four more weeks to go. I hope she won’t have further damage. Did you also experience speech and memory loss? Did you also go through chemo and radiation? Your reply would help us a lot! Thanks,

  19. Hello Hannah. I am so happy that I ran across your blog on the internet. You and Pete are so inspirational. I wanted to let you know how helpful your video blogs have been. We have been contemplating going to the Burzynski Clinic for a while now and watching your experience has been the final push that we needed to move forward. My 23 year old son also has a brain tumour and we are praying for a miracle. God bless you and Pete for your bravery and I pray that you are blessed with continued great health!

    With sincerest gratitude

  20. What a beautiful story, and a beautiful example of love and commitment! I wish you both all the happiness and joy in the world!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing this very private chapter of your life. I lost my mum in March she was diagnosed in December. You are very brave to undertake this pioneering treatment and you are a great inspiration. I wish you both a long and happy life together and a positive healthy future. Bless you Hannah and Pete. Do you have a facebook page that I may follow the rest of your journey.


    This is the second time I’ve written this because I didn’t want to leave it on the first site where I saw the 40 minute documentary; didn’t seem personal enough because I wanted to write to YOU, and so I tried to post it to the youtube site, but it said I had made it too long and now I’ve lost my original note. : 0 Now I’ve found your web page so I am writing to say thank you.

    Even though it’s 4 in the morning, I wanted to follow through and tell you how much your documentary meant to me, and thank you for being willing to do it Hannah and making yourself so vulnerable in a most anxious and stressful time. I wasn’t even finished watching before I started my original note to you to say what an inspiration you BOTH were and how much I’d love to just give you a big HUG!!

    My nephew Tristan is 23 and he has inoperable neuroblastoma and is going to Houston hopefully in the next couple of weeks. We worked for almost a year to raise the funds (we hope it’s enough!!) for him to go down and see if this will be a fit for him. He’s battled cancer for 7 years by conventional methods and has no options left in Canada. We are praying for a happy ending as well.

    I’ve helped from “afar” as we undertook all the fundraising, because I don’t live in Canada… and I find myself wishing I could be closer to my sister and give more concrete help.

    Now I’ll be able to imagine them there…. and I’ll be able to think of some lovely people who were there and shared their lives and their story with us, and with the world.

    Pete, thank you for your openess and willingness to do the filming despite all the other things you had to do. It takes a servant heart to be the caregiver, and I could understand what you were going through by having watched and listened to my sister, who will be coming down to take care of her son. It’s not an easy task,especially in a foreign country, and so much of the responsibility is on your shoulders. You’re a good man.

    As to the pressure others put you under regarding the clinic…We’ve understand and have tried to circumvent the controversy… I think you handled it wonderfully. And you have helped us in this process… because of your openeness… giving voice to exactly how our family feels.

    And Hannah and Pete you HAVE inspired us all. I’m glad you didn’t let others’ negativity sway you in your decision!

    May you have love, happiness and good health for years and years to come!

    We have reli’s in England… it’s a lovely place to call “home”.

    Sending love from Budapest


  23. I am so happy you made the movie. I have been watching Dr. Burzynski since I found his other movie on Netflix. I now tell everyone I meet who either mentions cancer or knows someone with cancer.

  24. I was diagnosed with brain cancer 2 years ago. I’ve denied chemo/radiation and am just doing “watch and wait” but I fear I will need to do something soon so your “Hannah’s Anecdote” video is very helpful! I feel less alone as a 27 year old with brain cancer (mixed glioma). What kind of tumor is yours?

  25. I am so so truly happy for you Hannah! You are and amazing young women.

    I have been surrounded by cancer in my life, husband, sister and mother. I found out the hard way about traditional medicine, didn’t discover Dr. Burzynski until after my husband passed. I am such a strong believer and supporter of alternative natural methods.

    This film is amazing, a great piece of film work! I think you should win an award!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, wish you all the very best!


  26. Hi Hannah and Pete,

    Well done to the both of you. As the doctor probably has already told you, you’re not out of the woods, just yet. I’ve been looking for alternative cancer treatments since my mum died of cancer in 2004. My dad died of prostate cancer 3 years prior and my sister managed to beat her uterine cancer just prior to his passing.

    May I share some alternative, accesable, and affordable cancer treatments I have found?

    1. Indica oil (not sativa oil) from the cannabis plant. Google: Rick Simpson’s documentary “Run from the Cure” (YouTube). Also, go to for the latest medical, cannabis research coming to the forefront.

    2. Ashitaba (Japanese longevity herb) known by the Japanese people for over a 1000 years. Cures smallpox, cures a number of different cancers, builds the immune system, very effective in treating skin conditions like eczema, promotes healing,lowers high blood pressure, helps to regulate spikes in blood glucose, cleans the blood, keeps the bowels functioning regularly, helps women have an easier go of it when going through the “change”, and gives a man more “zippity do da” in the waa-hoo regions.

    Horizon Herbs in America, sells the seeds and plants.

    3. Research: Dichloroacetate. It is an over-the-counter medicine that has been discovered to reverse the way cancer cells metabolize. The body then turns them “off” for cellular death.

    4. Verotoxin from E. Coli. I came across an article about 15 years ago of Canadian researchers that found that this compound was very effective at enabling the body to target cancer cells, without killing the individual. I don’t know of where the research is currently.

    Also, research the following subjects (very important):

    1. Doctor Russel Blaylock’s research:

    a.) Excitotoxin’s: the Taste that Kills (YouTube)
    b.) Nutrition and Behavior (YouTube)

    2. Smart Meters irridiating you and your family 24-7

    3. Flouride is “rat poison” Prozac is 94% fluoride. It is more poisonous than “lead”. Destroys the thyroid. Teflon is made of fluoride.

    4. Aluminum is a toxic metal. Look up “Chemtrails” and also, “What in the World are they Spraying” (YouTube documentary)

    5. Avoid “phytoestrogens” because they mimic human estrogen. Commonly found in soybeans, which is added to baby food and processed meats. It’s like giving babies birth control pills. It plays silly-buggers with your immune system.

    Learn grow your own food, herbal medicines, make your own soaps and bread from scratch. Avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Fluoride is added to both. Feed chickens, pigs, goats, & cattle with plants like azolla and comfrey.

    Save non-GMO seeds.

    10,000 year, galactic dust-storm is responsible for global warming. Google: Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery. Particles are 6000 degree C. High energy particles from this cloud are changing the chemistries of the atmospheres of all the planets, including the sun.

    If you want to know more, have Hannah or Pete, email me. I’d be glad to share what I have found.

    I wish you peace

  27. You inspire the flight for future antineoplastons treatments xo thank you for your bravery… You do both have beautiful smiles… Love to get some updates! Nice to see dc Burzynski in the video, he also inspires since he hasn’t given up what he believes in despite all the obstacles that have stood in his way. All the happiness and health to you. Tatiana

  28. I am so happy for you, I strongly believe in alternative, natural methods to cure cancer and other diseases. Thank you for the film, I just watched it, you are so beautiful, both inside and out. I wish you all the best, thank you again sharing your story, it is very important to let people know about these other treatments that are available.

  29. Wonderful testimony about how there are alternatives, I was crying with you at some points, then tears of joy at others in the film.

    I added your video into an article I have on Cancer, and hope that others may see what is possible with love, dedication and determined hope.

  30. Pete you have given me so much with your inspiration through Weight Loss Guru. I didn’t have much in my paypal account, but I gave what I could. I can see the love you have for your partner in your eyes and can only imagine being in your shoes. I would lay everything on the line for my husband, just as you are doing for Hannah. So glad you shared this. You are close to your goal! Off to tweet this…

  31. yesterday 5th september 2012 Peter gave me Teamhannah to watch on my commputer,it really got to me to see you Hannah how you have suffered. We are neighbours but i only hope g-d gives you health & atrength to get through this…..Hannah you have the most beautiful expressive eyes and also what a lovely personality you have and of course Peter has….Peter asked me to pass this around and I will give everyone Teamhannah to spread around. Love you both take care Jeannette xxx

  32. Congratulations,
    Im so happy for you that you finally got the all clear. I have followed your development since you started the blogg and its so amazing. I just watched your anecdotes with my girlfriend…and I hope more people would be so brave and document their journey the way you guys did.

    I will spread this around to everyone I know…and as soon as I hear people mention cancer I tell them to look into Burzynski….and now I can tell them to look at your anecdotes and blog aswell great job.

    All the best to you both but specially you Hannah for beating the cancer…well actually to you as well Pete I think you will be awarded with Boyfriend of the Year award after this.

    Wish you both a happy future together,


  33. I know that just the word “Cancer” is enough to scare you. I have had Multi-Myaloma and I am in remission from it.

    I read your story and I know how scary it can be as I was with my cancer. When I found out I had the cancer my wife and I cried for about two weeks then one day I told my wife that I wanted happiness back in my life that the cancer had taken. After all the crying and what I said about wanting happiness back in my life and many prayers, because I thank God every day for the extra time on earth that he has given me. After all that time God has given me I have decided that I was going to do everything possible that I wanted to do in this life. I have a wonderful wife that has been very close with me throughout my cancer and I thank God for sending her my way.
    Just think of cancer this way. Don’t just pray like you are a christian, but pray to God as a christian a person, who loves God as I and my wife did and God can heal you of your cancer. I have been in remission now for 3 years this month and I am still praying every day to thank God for his help.
    My doctor is mystified on my recovery and each time I go in for my 3 months checkup she comes out after all my test have been made and tells me all is well, but as I have told her in the past I already knew the answer cause I have the greatest physician there is and His name is Jesus.
    So if you have Jesus on your side He is not going to let you die until He is ready for you to leave this earth.
    I don’t know you, but by reading your story you must be a wonderful person and I would love to meet you and shake your hand.
    Yes, God is good…………

  34. Hello…your story is quite amazing. A friend (Amanda Carty) has a brain tumour and fundraising is underway to give her the chance of this treatment…
    I watched your video diary and re watched…overwhelmed by the courage you both have…but more than anything that shone through was the love that you have for each other…the constant struggle must have been so heart breaking…but you can’t give up when you love someone so much… I have done nothing but talk about your story…all day at work…shopping…anyone that has…
    Kind regards…here’s to your future…
    Anna x

  35. To see the clips all together was very special indeed,, big lump in the throat time ! so very glad things look so good , you are so lucky to have each other … mel.

  36. Hannah and Pete,

    You are both so amazing! Hannah I know we fell out before but I have been following your progress and all I can say is that you are both amazing, I have prayed for you and only want goodness for you because you are kind and you are good and you are very funny. I will always be thinking of you x

  37. Hi Hannah,
    I am so happy to hear that you have such great news!!! Congratulations!
    I have a recurrent Grade II Astrocytoma (two resections, 6 wk radiation and 6 months chemo), and I feel like I’m too young to just roll over and give up, even though my prognosis isn’t the best. I want to live to see my daughter get married, hold my future grandchildren and get to experience my golden years. With the current established treatments, the best I can hope for is either to be extremely lucky and beat the odds (all the while knowing how unlikely that is) . . . or not expect to make it past my forties. Sometimes I feel like there is no hope. . . .I don’t think about retirement. . . I really only think about my life in 6 month increments because that’s when I have my routine MRI’s. I am always waiting for the bad news of another recurrence to come crashing down on me. It’s very depressing sometimes. I’m not sure if I would qualify for a clinical trial (I’m currently in remission), but if/when this tumor comes back, at least I have something to focus on besides just waiting for it to destroy who I am and end my life.
    I am so grateful to you for sharing your story with the world, because one of the worst things a person can be deprived of is hope. So I hope things continue to go well for you. I hope you live a long full life, get married, have children and get to enjoy each and every gray hair and wrinkle as you experience the privilege of aging. It think it’s ironic how society tends to view growing old in a negative way. . but when you have a brain tumor or other horrible illness, you wish more than anything to just have the chance to grow old. I hope we both get the chance to sit in our rocking chairs in our eighties and reminisce about our youth to our future grandchildren.
    Thank you for showing people like me that there is hope. I just can’t adequately express to you how important that is to me, but please know I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. You’re truly an inspiration.

  38. hi my name is hanna and my husband is being treated for a glioma brain cancer grade4. he went through a very similar story to you, with the op and the 6 weeks of radiotherapy. he is also taking chemotherapy in the form of tablets for a year now. raphael was diagnosed 4weeks before our first baby was due. the op was only 2 weeks before it was such a hard time for me to try split myself into 2 for my husband and baby. my hub is only 25 and i am21. the op managed to remove about 80% and they say that the chemo has reduced the tumor from grade 4 to grade3. i was so moved by your story and i immediately looked into the dr brazynsi movie which rly amazed me. with the baby etc it would be hard to pick up and go over there, how long have you been there for, and do you need to stay in texas whilst on the treatment? is there any side effects at all? the side effects of the conventional treatments he is having now really pains me. would love to speak to you, my email address is well done for everything you have both done, and as a partner myself of a cancer patient i can particularly feel for pete. times are hard for us also but will try send something towards your case aswell. i am so so happy for you that you got good news this week. it should only continue this way for you

  39. Hannah, my partner (Husband to be in 9 weeks!) and I are having a similar experience on the other side of the world in New Zealand – In August last year I was diagnosed with an AA III which was successfully removed though I still had to endure radiotherapy and chemotherapy. My first scan was clear and I am awaiting my second in mid-August with crossed fingers. I too found Dr Burzynski and have hopes of making it to him one day if need be. I am only 30, and we have a 7 year old son – my family would do anything to keep me here although there will be a massive fundraising effort needed also I’m sure. Your story is inspiring and gives me hope for the future, I wish you well with continued health and happiness. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Wendy xx

  40. Totally amazing! Crying my eyes out here. So pleased for you both. You are an amazing couple. xxx sue

  41. hi there – Cant believe Pete is jumping out of a plane, where can I send a donation to your appeal ?; as remember Pete from years ago when my daughter was working for Thomson on Inch Loss Beach – Wishing you all the best for a full recovery – he’s an amazing guy Hannah you are blessed to have him. –Keep safe – Love to you both -:) Cheers Maureen (K)

  42. Hi Hannah.

    Truly sorry to hear about your brain tumour and i hope your treatment with Dr Burzinski is going well. My brother has a a grade 3 astrocytoma which he has struggled with since 2004, Simon and his wife wanted to exhaust chaemo and radio therapy here as we were told that if he had treatment outside of the NHS and it didn’t work then they may not treat him again.
    We have spoken to someone in Dr Burzinski’s clinic and they said we needed a private oncologist here before they can do anything as it is the Law we have to abide by and wanted to know how you went about this as we want to get Simon on the treatment as soon as possible as he’s really not well at all and has had to be rushed into hospital three times this week, and today is receiving more scans and we’ve been told not to expect good results. I would really appreciate as much information as you can give us and if you could email or call it would be much appreciated at or call 07942885543.

    Thank you and all the best.


  43. Hi Hannah xxx doing a skydive on Sunday – trying to raise as much money as I can – cant believe I’ve talked Pete into doing it ( even though you say he is scared of heights!!!) he he!!!! Just shows how much he adores you to be jumping out of a plane!!! Xxxx look forward to seeing you x take care sweetie xxxx Sarah Robertson xxx

  44. hi hannah,
    Just to say all the girls at blytheswood think about you all the time posted a new photo of you in the prep room lolx
    hope to hear from you soonx

  45. Hi Hannah, I’m from Australia and saw your appeal on an email from the Burzynski people. I think his treatment is great and know you’ll do really well. PS … have sent a few bucks to your appeal. All the best. R

  46. All the very best is wished for Hannah and You will do well. Keep the faith.Dr. Burzynski’s treatment is highly effective and should be available worldwide as is chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Dr. Burzynski uses a non toxic treatment which does not harm the body; I have spread his name and treatment since I heard of Dr. Burzynski a couple of years ago. Dr. Burzynski’s name and treatment needs to be heightened mainstream media. Its a sin to think that there is treatment out there which is not widely available to help cancer patients that could use it. Cancer patients are not given the opportunity to avail of Dr. Burzynski’s treatment; Why? There are so many people still; who have not heard of him. Why? What is the reason truthfully,that Dr. Burzynski’s treatment is not widely available? Could it be that it is competition for chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment? The industry that prevails. It should not be. Peoples lives should not be gambled like this. Its disgusting that in this day and age, with all the technology we have,with all the money available for war…that a revolutionary treatment such as Dr. Burzynski’s still has to be accidentally found…all these years on!!!! Thank god more and more people are hearing of Dr. Burzynski’s work, now we just need someone with political clout and money to make a stand once and for all, in order that Dr. Burzynski can spread his fantastic medicine from Texas to worldwide recognition and availability…..

    Regards Cher Hill

  47. Hello Hannah, I too was diagnosed with a astrocytoma just over a year ago. I am going to be 40 this year and have a wife and 4 young children at home. I have been watching Dr. B’s movie and following some patients. please keep the posts coming and let all of us know how the treatments are working. Signed, On chemo and frustrated. Angels Camp, Ca.

  48. Hi Hannah, I met you and Pete at Selia’s when Pete presented his program in her lovely garden early this year, during your treatment at Dr. Burzynski’s. Just wanted to say hello and wish you and Pete all the best, still praying for you!

  49. Hi – Hope you enjoyed your weekend away, I was in the garden having a BBQ with Hilary and Paul the owners of the cottages in the New Forest. Hannah your story has really touched me and I really want to help! I’m getting my thinking cap on how I can help raise a good some of money quickly for you.
    Stay strong – I have watched some of your blogs and the news at the moment seems to be positive which is fantastic.
    Let me know if I need to do anything specific when organising an event….
    One more question is it ok to post the link to your website on my facebook page? I want to help in any little way I can and the more people we can reach the better?
    Once again I hope you had a lovely weekend 😉
    Take care both x

  50. Hi Pedro & Hannah feel I could help in some way, have the time these days. Let me know when would be a good time to give you a call. Good to hear progress is being made.


  51. The video appeal really impacted me, your initial desperation has manifested into an inspirational journey that puts all our lives perspective, good luck to team Hannah, I am very happy to donate and pass the message on.

  52. Hi there,

    How is it all going? I heard few weeks ago Hannah was off to America – any further news?
    Are you still collecting?
    All the best, Hannah and Pete. And Stine!

    • Hannah went to America in Dec/Jan – she is now home and on the treatment. Yes we are still collecting, it is going amazingly well, thank you for all your support xx

    • This lady is amazing – I am on the same kind of plan – The Keto diet. No coffee enemas as this could stop the medicine that Dr B is giving me. I wish her well x Thank you for taking the time to share this will me and all that read this x

  53. I have plenty of cancer testimonials or should I say miracles from people drinking Kangen Water from Enagic. The 3 properties 1) microclustering – allows more nutrients and oxygen to enter cell and acid waste to be removed. 2) raises bodys pH – in 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg was given the nobel prize for his discovering that cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment 3) High ORP – this is a negative charge the water carries, most fluids and foods are possitively charged (oxidant). This water carries a high negative charge that is a great anti oxidant. As simple as this seems… it is highly effective. Enagic Kangen Water

  54. Hi Pete, You kindly bought a cute little womens fitness bag for Hannah from workplay bags at the Vitality show this last weekend. We said that if Hannah did not find it was right for her you could bring it back for a refund. I think you were mighty busy at the show just as we were – and I know you were planning on returning it.
    I’d like to make sure you can get the refund as I am sure the money is important to you – so please do send it back to ( all the contact details are there) and we will also double that money and send it to you so you have raised some menu for Hannah. I hope this helps. I know a bit about brain tumours and feel for your situation, so lets do something practical to help.
    Best regards from
    Guy Mathiot

  55. I”m so happy you found this treatment because the medical community wants to keep it a secret! Thank you for youtube posts because it’s encouraging to see you get well. Keep spreading the word of your progress and treatment! You are brave and beautiful to share these moments with the world! Thank you, thank you and get well! Los Angeles, CA, USA

  56. Good luck! Our school is selling Team Hannah wristbands and I had no idea what it was until now but I just read your story and it’s so inspiring! I’ll make sure to spread the word.

  57. Hey Hannah, Jedd and Rachael from New York willing to pitch in. Keep up the good spirits and happy days are here soon.

  58. Hi Hanna & pete. Your story has come all the way to me in Norway. Im also a 25 years old girl with braincancer level 4. I been looking at Dr.Burzynski’s treatment, but people here Are so sceptic to all theese things. Reading about you and watching your videos makes me belive it more! I also followed Laura’s blog,thats how i found you. Hope it keeps going this way with you, and that people over the world helps you give you the things you need to Get well. Bless you both! Im gonna post your sight on my Facebook in hope of Norwegians also contribute to your fight.
    Regards Stine Roaldsø, Stavanger, Norway.

  59. Hello Team Hannah,

    I’ve found you via Loretta on twitter and being a local charity that provides volunteers we’ll do our very best to spread the word and help at your fundraising events. Loretta has told me about the 19th May gig and I so hope to be there myself + some volunteers to help the day go swimmingly.

    I’ll also do the best I can to promote this event and any other that you’d like us to be involved in.

    all our best wishes, the Volunteering Community of Waverley and Guildford + those beyond that follow me on twitter! @haslemerevc @farnhamvc

  60. Hello i am only Young I have just started secondary school at Rodborough, I hope you can get what you need and I also hope the op goes well, so Hannah… Rodborough has helped as much as we can, I hope you survive the cancer.

  61. Hannah
    i hope you get better soon looking at hoow well the fundraising is doing and i have donated through School, Rodborough.

    Lorna xx

  62. Hi Hannah,

    Your cousin John Beaven in Australia has sent out your information to raise awareness and contributions from his work colleagues and community, and I’m very happy to oblige!

    Every bit counts; so I have also forwarded your details to my colleagues at Cleanaway, friends and family.

    Best of luck, we have you in our hearts and thoughts here in Aussie.
    Mel xo

  63. Hey Hannah,
    We are all looking forward to our “March 4 Hannah” event tomorrow!
    Will email some pictures and get the cheque in the post next week!
    Love Marcus and everyone involved from Taunton x

  64. Hi Pete – I also have a grade III astrocytoma that has been with me for 2 years, i live in Cardiff I’m very interested in this treatment. Would love to talk and learn more about this if your willing.



  65. I just played a DJ set at the event ‘Pure Dance’ for team Hannah and just want to wish Hannah, her friends and family all the best and lots of positive vibes…. We have just arrived home after the gig and decided to make a donation. I hope it helps.

    Also congratulation to Tristan Cleaver who organized the event and booked me to play.

    Your cause is in our hearts and we wish you all the luck in the world…..

    Rob LoCo & Annalisa Martin x

  66. My situations shakey here to Hannah, but I would like to try to come up with a sponsored event to help raise some money, it is just all accordant as to whether I can get anybody round here involved, because am not in a good area you see love. I really hope that I can try to help find a way, but I can’t promise that I can, because I don’t know if it’s something that can be materialised or not, and the last thing I would want to do is build your hopes up for donations if it couldn’t happen because of the facts I have mentioned. I do wish all the best and I really hope that the money can be got together somehow for you so that you can have the treatment that you need.

    Love and best wishes



  67. Good luck Hannah! I really hope this works for you! We were thinking about doing this but with shaky employment situation there’s simply no way. Plus my husband is doing great so far on conventional treatment.

    We will be rooting for you here in Richmond, VA.

  68. Wow Hanna, Pete

    I am so inspired by the two of you. I sincerely hope that once Hannah is cancer free (which I have no doubt about ) that the two of you are not drowning in debt!!! I will tell everyone I know about this. Get well soon Hannah!! :)

    Best Wishes


  69. Hiya Hannah and Pete,

    My name is Poppy and i am 12 years old. My mum was on your website, and showed me the videos, it really moved me.

    I have decided that i will be doing a sponsored run with the people at my guiding group, to hopefully raise more money for Team Hannah.

    Thank you.


    <3 <3 <3

  70. Hi Hannah, I have no idea what you must be going through, you must be one very scared girlie. I admire your positive attitude and the love and support of Pete is amazing. I wish I had a magic cure for you but sadly I don’t. Please keep fighting, you will win through. In the meantime I will raise some money for you to help the fund.

    Take care


  71. Hi Hannah,
    I wish you a speedy recovery. If you have faith in yourself and in the almighty, my sincere suggestion is to go into spirituality through Sahaja Yoga. It is a meditation process where your own inner energy (kundalini in Sanskrit, holy ghost in Bible) which is in dormant state is awakened by a Sahaja Yogi. With full faith, you can come out of cancer in flying colors. You can take it as hypothesis to begin with and you will know the difference right from day one. You got to fully surrender and only then it works. Learn more on and you will find a center near your place. And it is completely FREE OF COST. I wish you all the best and God bless you!!

  72. HI Hannah

    I have always been a cold senseless person, i was trying to write some jokes, or criticize whats you do, but while i was reading i really felt shame of myself, and your story really touched my heart my dear, God Bless you and keep it up, i will be waiting for the good news, and i will make sure to submit my donations once i receive my salary :).

  73. Hello Hannah,

    Life is just this “UNPREDICTABLE”. I do not know you but just read your article on Gulfnews and was ovewhelmed with anxiety. My Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. Today she is still working, glowing, ever-loving and always ready to help.

    I always use her example when I want to give an example of a person who is courageous, focused and above all has the utmost belief that she can and will fight the adversary to come out a winner.

    I do not have much to offer financially, but trust me “IF YOU HAVE JUST ONE STRONG REASON TO LIVE, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU”. Remain focused and get through the treatment.

    Our prayers are with you. GOD BLESS!

  74. Being a cancer survivor myself, i emphatize with you. I survived because of positive attitude and the love and support I feel with the people around me. It’s been 3 years now and my oncologist back home is still supportive and we have a continuous communication. With prayers, 3 years had past and i am still clear of it. A few suggestions to make:
    – boost your immune system! Esp during treatment coz medicine used for chemotherapy lowers the immune system. Echinacea is an excellent herbal food supplement
    – research shows high anti-cancer content from a fruit called soursop or graviola. They dont have them in UAE but it can be bought as a capsulated herbal food supplement or tea bags
    – i heard good feedback on Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou China. They use alternative less invasive treatment called cryosurgery with shorter treatment period and cheaper too!
    Last but not the least. Prayers and good company. Giggle, Smile, laugh! It works!

    My prayers are with you!

  75. Hi Hannah,

    I’ve been diagnosed with a metastase of testicle cancer in september 2011.
    The first time I had it, it was in 2009. I had a testicle removed and got 1 IV of chemo “…to be sure…”. Unfortunately it returned.

    Now I don’t take chemo but started a therapy consisiting of Hyperthermia and Dendritic cells. This all done at Medical Center Cologne (Germany). I just had my fourth injection with the dendritic cells and waiting to get my CT scan to see what happened. Up to now I feel very OK. I’m still working and enjoying life the fullest.
    Besides the therapy I also use a lot of Vitamin-C, vitamin-E, selenium, chlorella, and medicin mushroom shaga (thans David Wolfe)

    I also started a micro funding action to raise money for the therapy since this is not being paid for by my insurrance company !!
    I already managed to raise 18.000,– in four months time.

    All the best to you !

  76. Suffering with Cancer is awful enough, terrifying but even worse when yours is outside the box. I like you have endured years of highs and lows learning that statistics mean nothing and that the human will is the strongest tool in our arsenal.

    I am sure you have but even so enlisting the power of the media and challenging you PCT has got to be an option! I know that the journey seems sometimes to much to bear but in every case it is those who shout loudest and who refuse to be just another statistic who stand the best chance. Hannah, those about you draw strength from you and your refusal to give up, remember this always even in those deep dark moments for it is your inner furnace which fuels your refusal to give up which is the key for you.

    You are now in my thoughts and I will share your story with others.

    Pete, like my wife and others in a similar position you are the ones who are often forgotten. As with my wife Sam, she never gave up, she continues to fight even now after all this time for me to receive the healthy transplant needed to finally end my situation. However unconventional or controversial continue to push and raise awareness as it is simply wrong that in the 21st Century that for Hannah her life be decided by money. This is wrong and your story simply illustrates this. Go to your local TV, Go to the press, talk to anyone who will listen. We live in civilised society which has provision for most eventualities and if the evidence is strong enough to show that the surgical option works then the state should foot the bill.

  77. Hannah

    You are amazing and I really want this treatment to work for you so much, I know Pete from working at Lifehouse and he is a great guy and very good at his job, so to see him this upset really makes you think…i’ve also seen you come in a few times and you always have a smile on your face.
    I suffer from depression but after seeing your blogs really puts things in perspective and I only have admiration for you and how much you want to fight this…. and the strength you have as I know I couldn’t cope with this.

    I will do anything I can to help you and will be running race for life in July and I will, be giving that money to your organization.

    Your only two years older than me, which is so young and your so beautiful…that you dont deserve this…

    I’m supporting you all the way.

    Lauren xx

  78. I hope things are getting better. Good Luck . We will try and help in any way we can.

    with love from my team.

  79. Hello Hannah and Pete I am so impressed with the way in which you are tackling the cancer. Attitude is all and you have got the guts and determination to fight.
    Good luck to you both

  80. hello hannah is brittany tim alsop’s eldest daughter i just want to say me and my friends are going to ask my head master of amanvalley school if we can have a non school uniform day for £1 a person and a cake stall and all the money will go to u and also one of my friends and his friend want to do a charity run for you and all the money will go to you i will tell your dad if we get the go on monday for it love from brittany age 14 xxxxxxxxx <3

  81. Hello Hannah & Pete,

    It’s amazing and wonderful how far-reaching the internet can be. I live in the States and just saw your posts and website via the Burzynski Clinic and I’m compelled to help out in any way I can. I live in Upstate NY and can’t provide a whole lot, but I can certainly help spread your mission and help ask for prayer. I will be also making a donation, however, I’d like to send a check, if you can please send me you mailing address? I had trouble with the link.

  82. Dear Hannah, sending you a message from Riga, believe me ,we all with you and we pray for you.
    You are so strong you will make it,we all with you ,all the best Wolfgang Wagner and the entire team

  83. Hannah

    I just want to say that i think your amazing and one of the bravest people i know. My school has been rasing money all this week for you and i hope that it helps.
    i know many people there that want to help you in any way.
    I can tell by all the encouraging and loving comments that are being left that you are truly loved and cared for.

    Best of luck for your future xxxxx

  84. What a very moving video and having experienced a similiar situation tho with a non-aggressive tumour (my ex-husbands), I am thinking about Hannah and Pete and sending positive thoughts to them and will do what I can to send a contribution to Team Hannah and ask anyone who knows me to watch the videos and contribute if you can, I know that there are lots of equally good causes out there but would ask you to consider Hannah’s situation and thanks for reading this. xxx

  85. Hi Hannah,

    I donated a £1 at the sports centre yesterday where mark was doing the static bike riding.

    My partner was diagnosed on the 30/10/11 with a grade III Astrocytoma. He also just had a fit out of the blue and was rushed too hospital. He spent 3 days in intensive care.

    He has since had an operation at Kings to remove as much of the Tumour as possible. He is now undergoing the last 3 weeks of his Radiotherapy.
    This has been a real shock too us and I don’t believe anything can prepare us for such a thing.

    We have too children aged 9 & 2 & at the moment am numb at the feeling he will have too ever leave us.

    Anyway stay strong and positive and I wish you all the luck in the world!

    Big hugs jo x

  86. January 10, 2012

    Hannah and Pete;

    My husband, Sunny Munro, who is a patient at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, TX. met you both recently at the Burzynski Clinic, and he told me about the two of you. Sunny and I have been married three years this Valentine’s Day (2012) and when we saw these video’s today (after briefly seeing Hannah in the Clinic this morning, and saying Hello…) I told Sunny that I wanted to talk to you both in person while we are still in Houston. I looked into Hannah’s face at the top of the page (here on your website) and told him…Look at that, Hannah’s eyes are the same color as mine, and I see that she is trying to be so brave! I find myself being ‘so brave’ about dealing with Sunny’s Cancer…until I suddenly break down with all the hidden emotions that I try to keep tucked away from anyone looking. Then I try to compose myself (sometimes, not so well), when random people ask me ‘What’ are we doing in Houston?

    That’s when reality really hits square in the face! Expectantly, it causes me to start crying when that was not what I planned on doing at all.
    This is all part of the shock of dealing with the Reality of Cancer everyday.

    The first thing I want to say is that Hannah, you are very beautiful…(even with your bandanna on), and Pete, you have a Heart of Gold that you wear on your face.
    Sunny and I were both were laying in bed when we got back today and began crying as we watched the video’s because our hearts have gone out to you both. You both are still young and have a full life to live and we are middle aged, but, our hopes are the same. We want to enjoy our lives together and not just have faded memories to live on, and we don’t want to live in fear of loosing our mates either.

    Let me just tell you first things first,
    “What a lovely couple you two are, and Love is what we can ‘feel and see’ after watching these compassionate video’s and we feel such great compassion for you both.”
    Sunny and I will add you to our prayer list for people that we want God to heal, and hope that we can stay in touch to hear all the good results that should take place for Hannah under the care of The Burzynski Clinic and it’s wonderful staff. You have made the best choice ‘ever’ to come here and should have fantastic results!

    My husband, Sunny, has Stage 4 Neck Cancer that had already metastasis into the lymph nodes after he was first diagnosed about 5 months ago with Cancer. It was quite a shock to find out that it was an extremely aggressive Cancer, but, nevertheless, we have GIANT-SIZED FAITH that God is going to help us through this dilemma and we are going to come out on the good side of LIFE, Victorious through Christ Jesus leading us to come here.

    Even though, we are now in the process of trying to sell everything we own to pay for the treatments, we feel that somehow a breakthrough will come and we will know what to do. Financially speaking, It is a task that is so big that we know that if other people don’t help us ~ AND YOU~ that there is no other way to face this short of a miracle. So many people today cannot obtain insurance and we fall into that category, unfortunately.

    What I really want to do is to urge any of the people who happen to read this to send their love, prayers, and ‘financial help’ to the “TEAMHANNAH” Fund and be a part of something bigger than yourselves… Be a part of LOVE…the kind that you always wanted to have that you perhaps never experienced for yourself. It’s called AGAPE LOVE which is unconditional love…like the kind that Pete has for Hannah, no matter what kind of shape she finds herself in.
    That is the kind of love that God has for us all.

    We are here for you, Pete and Hannah, a part of your team. Emotionally, psychologically, and as friends.

    With love,
    Julia & Sunny Munro
    (Gulfport, Mississippi) U.S.A.

  87. Dear Hannah sending love and healing wishes as always. Many people here are also sending healing and good thoughts to both you and Pete.

    Our meditation network begins to expand further and further. We have a few minutes in the group at each session where we spread Loving Kindness around the world and for all those who need our loving support. Both of you are on our list!
    The on-line meditation with The Buddhist Monk is now working well!! Give it a go.

    Love and Hugs Jane xx

  88. Thanks to Bridget (above) for letting me know about your situation Hannah… doing what I can to help. Just been catching up on your videos, the song you got was great wasn’t it. I used a couple of ideas from Pete’s book to help clients with weight issues a few years ago. Great job you’re doing Pete. Keep the faith guys… awesome total you’re raising now!

  89. Hello Hannah,

    I’m wondering if you have heard of They don’t have “helping to heal a person” as a category, but with Pete Cohen’s offer perhaps they might. I can’t think of a more creative project than helping you to be well. Might be worth checking with them.
    Blessings Galore. kitty

  90. Hello Hannah, I have very little in the bank following an injury affecting my work. I have forwarded this where I can and am heartened by the deep care obvous in your partner and those assisting you.

    Amongst other things I trained as a bioresonance /detox practitioner. We identify heavy metal, chemical, bacterial,parasitic, radiological and dietary sources of toxicity that are harming the body/mind and which are associated with chronic or life threatening disease.. We then use vibrational energy remedies to start removal of the toxins and support the healing of body organs most affected. The concept seems a bit whacky to the mainstream mind,but it’s powerful stuff. It turned my serious ill health around when the medical profession couldn’t and gave me back a life and I’ve seen it make a big difference in the health of others I’ve treated. Most of the respected integrated medical professionals incorporate some sort of detox practice alongside treatment.

    I don’t know where you live but I’m based in West Yorkshire and would be more than happy to test /treat you free of charge, either as part of current treatment or to help restore your health after clinical treatment. The offer is permanent, just contact me on 01535 646049 if you want to speak to me.

    I offer you every blessing on this part of your journey and the patience and fortitude that I know is needed in such a trial. Kindest regards, Doran Waclawiak

  91. Hi Hannah – hope you had a nice Christmas and I wish you a Happy and successful 2012 with the operation. You have raised so much in such a short time – well done and not too far to go now. Keep fighting and never give up – I will keep praying for you.

  92. Hi Hannah,

    I’ve just watched yours and Pete’s video messages sat here on New Year’s Eve and have tears running down my face. I will do everything possible to help you raise the money you need in 2012.

    I’ve just seen his pound for pound campaign and will ask my team to all join in supporting you as we run our own businesses in the healthcare and nutrition sector and will all be running weight management campaigns in the new year both here in the UK and abroad and we’ll see what we can achieve together with my team and all our clients.

    All the very best,

    Bridget Moore x

  93. Hannah,
    I keep trying to monitor your progress, the money raised and am encouraging people I work with and know to support. I went into FSHAM into the role of Assistant Manager with Ben, and if I had a £ for every time people talked about you, and what an amazing person you are .. well I think we’d have made you a lot of money :)
    Thoughts are with you, and think the support you have is amazing!
    Wishing you and your family and friends a wonderful Christmas
    Yvonne (ex fsham )

  94. Hello – I just wanted to say that I hope the treatment goes well and wish you a better Christmas and success and happiness for 2012. I like to choose a charity to support each year in any way I can. I would like to raise awareness and funds for Team Hannah next year (2012).
    I have a travel agent franchise and would give away a few prizes for auction throughout the year and would try and raise awareness on my social media sites. I might be able to get a team together for the golf day, if not would be pleased to help where I can next year.
    The reason for offering my services and help is simple. I like to help others and enjoy seeing as many people smiling as possible.

    Call or email at anytime.

    0845 058 7197

  95. Dear Hannah and Pete,

    If I was wealthy, I’d give you all the money you need, but I am not. I live on the line each month but I have donated what I can this morning in hopes you achieve your goal to raise enough money needed to get treatment in the States.

    I have watched my best friend and mother battle sudden life threatening illness with two very different outcomes. All I can say is that during any dark times you experience, remember you are never alone, never feel like a burden and never give up in your heart. Take small achievable steps and let those who love you be there for you and help you through it.

    Keep us posted and let us know how you’re getting on. 2012 will be an amazing year for you!

    Keep smiling…

    Lots of love
    Tracey – Cheltenham

  96. Hannah,
    I saw your appeal whilst browsing the Gartrac motorsport website. I really wish you the very best and i hope you can get to the states soon for your treatment. I can see Pete is a real rock and together you can be strong and overcome your illness together. It is really encouraging to see the total pledged climbing and i hope that more people add to the donations as many have.

    Richard Weaver, Isle of Wight

  97. Wishing you guys an amazing Christmas, hope the treatment goes well and you make a speedy recovery lee and Lucy nash-jones

  98. I wish you both all the best. You’re two very strong and inspirational people and deserve the right to a great life. I will be spreading your message to many xxx

  99. I donated £127 yesterday, raised by selling pink Team Hannah wristbands. Still got some to sell , so if anyone would like to buy some please email me at and leave me a message. Thank you to everyone who has bought them. xxx

  100. Hannah, have been going in to the web-site to check how you’re doing with the money – so pleased you’re doing so well!! Even my 2 children who are 6 and 8 have been asking how much has been raised, as I told them about you when we pledged some money for your appeal!
    Really hope you’re keeping your spirits up and that seeing how much people want to help you is making you feel positive – you’re going to get there!!
    With love
    Karina and boys xxx

  101. Just posted on facebook for the fifth time, I will make people give money! The new video is inspiring, your optimism is amazing! You are both handling an awful situation so well! Can’t believe how much the money raised goes up every time I come on here! Good luck! xxx

  102. The new Story so Far vid is amazing!! Keep smiling and wishing you all the best as you travel to America on Monday, we will all be thinking of you back here in the UK
    The Surrey Ad Photos from the Zumbathon are out today so hopefully that will generate more money in to the appeal.
    Lots of love

    Petra x

  103. I Love Hannah and Pete I don’t know you but I love you and am cheering on your recovery. I hope it’s nice and sunny and warm when you get to Texas, not too hot. Thinking of you often.
    An American girl in London,

  104. Pete and Hannah,

    You are an inspiration to us all, I cannot even begin to imagine the turmoil and uncertainty you must be going through at the moment, but you are fighters, there are so many people in your position that would have just given up and not even tried to fight for life.

    Who knows what the future will hold, only good things I hope. Whatever happens, you will leave a legacy of hope and belief of what can really be achieved when you are willing to fight for life.

    Keep believing, keep smiling…


  105. Pete and Hannah,

    You are an inspiration to us all, I cant even begin to imagine the turmoil and uncertainty you must be going through at the moment but it is clear you are fighters, so many people in your position would have just given up.

    Who knows what the future will hold, only good things I hope. Either way, you are creating a legacy that will give people hope and belief on what can be achieved in the future.

    Keep believing, keep smiling.


  106. Hi Hannah evreryday I get up and the first thing I do is have a look and see how much you have raised. I must admit I was a little worried about you when you missed a blog but i was delighted to see you looking so well and being so positive when you did the next one. I wish you strength courage and hope for the next part of your journey. The fact that yoiu have Pete with you every step of the way will help help you no end jsut having a cuddle can lift the spirits!
    Take care I will be thinking of you.

  107. My name is Jack Lucas, Pete worked with me at Sussex College of Golf and i am so sorry to hear about the things you are going through. Pete is the nicest guy i have ever met and has helped me a lot with the way i think and behave. To see someone so strong break down like that shows me how much of a worthy cause this is. I shall be raising and donating as much money as i can to help you Hannah. You seem like a lovely girl and you’ve got yourself a great man by your side in Pete.

  108. I am in Colombia, South America and i have just seen your beautiful face crying, there is no need to cry as you are such a well loved person, positivity will shine through from eveyone…with prayers and positive thoughts things will get better. I am working here in Bogota and am setting up a fund raiser. Your lovely boyfriends appeal is being sent around columbia.
    Your bravery is overwhelming..keep smiling please it is beautiful
    x x x

  109. Hello Hannah,

    I was diagnosed with Anaplastic astrocytoma on 17th feb 2011, had surgery, Radiotheraphy and chemotheraphy. currently on observation.

    I am also looking for some suggestions/options to handle my tumor, please keep me in loop if you get any best way to handle this

  110. Oh my god Hannah. I keep going on your site, just to see how you are getting on. I haven’t been in a few days and the jump in funds has just left me speechless. I congratulate you on what you have achieved and congratulate everyone who has given.
    I’m sure I’m only half as stunned as you are:) So happy for you and wishing you all the best.

    (ex FSHAM)

  111. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. You’ll have reached that target in no time. Very best of luck with your future treatment. Lots of love Han x

  112. Hi Hannah I know what your going through i have had two brain tumours and lots of problems that go with it. My tumour wasn’t cancerous but still very life treating. I believe you can do this be brave and strong and keep fighting. I willxbe praying for you all the best god bless you xxx

  113. Dear Peter and Hannah,

    This is such a heart wrenching story. You both have my heart and my prayers. God will keep you strong, no matter what and He will show you every possible way!

    I would love to help you raise money, in behalf of my Production, ” Perfect Angels “. We are all Filipino Performers (from Philippines), that are now living here in Ireland. I have an amazing team with me, from singers to dancers. We can put up a show or an event for you in order to help raise the funds you need, every little helps!

    Please just e-mail me regarding this: or estela_lcoaching@hotmail.

    Thank you very much, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

  114. I wish you all the luck in the world in achieving your total to help you get to America & getting your cure! I’ve just donated & i’m going to also put a link on facebook & put a poster in our work. I’m so sad that someone so young, beautiful & a good person has to go through something so awful like this!
    Lots of love
    Ali xxx

  115. Heard about your plight from my friend Karen and left a donation with her for you. It is dreadful that you cannot get the treatment here whether NHS or Private, so that at least you would be on home soil. Good luck with the fund raising, keep your spirits up Hannah – you can fight this and win, you are obviously well loved. Keep fighting and praying

    • Hi Debs. You do not need to register but you only need to use the promo word if you are a new member. You have one week from the first of January to go to click on get started and use the promo word to get three months free membership.

  116. Everyone’s rooting for you Hannah, I know you’re going to make your target. Just completed a zumbathon to help your cause which was excellent fun and hopefully raised a lot of money. Keep fighting and God bless.

    Vanessa xx

  117. December 1st.
    Have just read your page,Hannah, and am part of the Espa family of therapists – I am sending a donation to help with your treatment in America – I know you can make it – they sound brilliant, and with all of us willing you to be well, and Pete by your side – you are going to be fine – you are a brave girl, and everyone’s here for you –
    With love

    Alexandra Cole xo

  118. Good luck to you both, I hope you will raise all that you need. I have sent the link to my two neices, they continue to fundraise even though they sadly lost their beautiful mother in August.

  119. Believe in everything you want to achieve – you can do it,Hanna!!! You are stronger than you realize…all the best for you and Pete xxx

  120. We saw you were on £79,976 so have just donated to get you to the round £80k… looking forward to the boat pull on Saturday to raise some more. You are both an inspiration, good luck with the fund raising.

    Steve, Colette & Emma

  121. I have put a link on my facebook Hannah, as well as asking people to think about donating. Even if it was only £1.00 the money would soon add up. I hope you get all the money you need very soon. Stay strong and positive … Elaine xxx (Witley)

  122. Hi Hannah, it was really nice getting to meet you at the Matt Cardle gig on Monday. I wanted to firstly say how brave and inspiring you are and how i hope you hit your target very soon and also thank you for giving me the advice to ask my Doc for some tablets to make my MRI experience on Tuesday a little more comfortable.
    Sending love to you
    Melanie Gordon

  123. Hi Hannah,
    Don’t know you but know your dad through the market and have been following your progress, the money raising is going really well and I’m sure you will hit your target before too long, best dust your passport off now I reckon !. Wish you all the best of luck with your future treatment and look forward to seeing you with your dad once you are all sorted and recovered and have beaten your cancer, you should look forward to your future and know that there are many many people rooting for you and willing you to a full recovery.
    All the very best

    • Lots of Rock Choir members will be performing at Holy Trinity Church in Guildford this Sunday. We hope to raise lots of money for you, Hannah, at one of the performances. I send you my prayers and love. Your partner’s comments were very moving. God bless him and you too. Stay strong, sweetheart.
      Chris. XXX

  124. Hi Hannah ,

    I just got news that I have breast Cancer at the age of 36 years of age .The Cancer has now spread and i start Chemo on Monday the 28th of November .Im Irish but live in australia I wish you all the best and I know exactly what your going through and what thoughts are going through your mind . WHY WHY WHY

    My husband is just the best and being there for me in the last week has just been amazing . keep the fight going and you can do this xxx all my love Mairead

  125. Hey!
    As a fellow rodborough girl who recognizes you from school, I promise u now I will do what I can to help you raise some pennies towards your cause.

    Keep ur chin up & keep strong, ur such an inspiration & clearly have a adorably in love partner…. Ur both in my prayers
    L x

  126. My heart goes out to you both good luck with everything and me and Lauren Cox (above) will raise as much as we can and make sure you get ur treatment take care xxxxx

  127. Hi there , truly touched by this story and you will raise the money so keep positive. I’m gonna post this as much as I can and an already thinking of fund raising to help. Xx

  128. it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday Hannah
    the target is getting nearer by the day
    looking forward to hearing how the treatment is going in America
    good luck
    Tom & Sharon, Fresh Choices xx

  129. Hooray for getting to the 48k mark. Nearly a 3rd of the way there. Hannah you are a beautiful person that deserves to get better. If I win the Euromillions tonight, I’ll be putting you on that plane myself xxxxx

  130. Hey Hannah
    I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration and I think that you are so brave. I am behind you all the way.
    Good luck and never stop believing.

  131. Hi guys,
    Just wondering what your grand total is so far, I see you got £50,000 from the eagle how fantastic is that!! So pleased you have all this support. Keep fighting Hannah.
    Laura x

  132. Good luck Hannah. I found out about your illness through a Spa industry conference recently. I was touched as I am sure many people are. Stay strong.

  133. Hi Hanna, jus wanna tell you i think you and your boyfriend are proper amazin!! I heard your interview on the eagle the other day an nearly broke down, i didnt tho because i dont cry i just work out instead!! Ha ha, im a soldier stationed locally and am goin to tab up pen y fan for you and raise as much as i can. Keep up the strong spirit and i pray for you both. x

  134. Hi Pete and Hannah,
    I have been reading Lance Armstrongs book called ‘it’s not about the bike’ and I can’t put it down! If you’ve not read it already, I urge you to get a copy – its an inspirational story of his journey through cancer – its sure to encourage you and strengthen your fighting spirit!
    We have also tweeted your appeal to a few people – lance Armstrong included (!) so hopefully you’ll be getting the treatment you need very soon xxx

  135. Sending love and thoughts to you as a fellow ex Rodborough student!!! You are so brave Hannah and Pete what a lovely supportive person you are, good luck and love to both of you xxx

  136. Hi Hannah

    Continue being brave and positive. You will most definitely get the live-saving treatment to assist you.


  137. You are very brave. My 2 year old son just watched your video and I told him you were poorly. He then went away and came back with a plaster for you (brought it to the laptop screen). Bless him and abless you. I told him we are all going to help get you one big plaster. x

  138. Good luck Hannah my thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a gorgous young lady with a fantastic partner.All the best hun love Debbie xxxx

  139. Good luck team Hannah we are all thinking of you, you have some very special friends. Thinking of you Hannah a shame that you have to travel so far for your treatment well done England!!!

  140. Hannah I just read about you….I am certain you can beat this. I just donated some money so that you can get the treatment you need. Rock on girl!!!

  141. i hope and pray that you get the money you need, you are such a beautiful young girl and you deserveevery chance to fight this terrible disease. god bless you xxx

  142. Hi Hannah and Pete, I am truly touched by your story. I have donated and have put a link on my facebook page asking my friends and family to do the same.Good Luck. Vicki xxxxxxxxx

  143. I truly hope you raise the money you need, only sorry that the surgery cannot be offered here at a far lesser cost to you and your family. Good luck xxx

  144. Wishing you every success with raising the money. We had to do the same thing a few years ago for one of my closest friends and we were astounded by the kindness of people. My friends website is might give you some ideas, or please feel free to get in touch for info on how we raised the money for Melissa.
    Stay strong and positive!
    With very best wishes
    Jemma x

  145. Reading your story and watching and listening to your videos and interviews highlights just how these things can strike anyone, at any time. Its scary and makes me feel very aware of my own mortality. Wishing you all the best and I hope my modest donation helps you to get to America, thinking of you, Pete and your families during this difficult time xxx

  146. What a special and beautiful young lady you are xx Hannah I so hope many many people visit this site and help you.Sending you the biggest hug xx

  147. Thinking of you Hannah Sending you lot’s of positive thoughts and prayers and look forward to the fundraising in Killarney You can do this God Bless x

  148. I have posted a link on my facebook page to try and make people aware of the cause, i also posted on Meridian Tonights facebook page ( i know its popular and well used) I know there is a Haslemere xmas market on the 4th december maybe if you contact the organiser then maybe you could have a stall there and poss bring eagle radio with you

  149. I want to have some team hannah bangles made but wanted to check it was ok before i do it!! good way of making some money i hope!! xxx

  150. Dear Hannah, as soon as I get the go head i will be fund raising, my school are very charitable and will donate kindly, you deserve a life line and I will do my best to help give you that, keep your head up high , we will all get u there eventually! lots of love!

  151. I was very moved by your story, you are a very brave lady and I wish you all the best in raising money for your treatment. Never give up hope, stay strong, you can do anything you put your mind to!

  152. I donated today at Eagle Radio, good luck with the fundraising, i hope you get that vital treatment you deserve

    All the best keep your spirits up


  153. Every time I have got in my car today I have heard about you on the Eagle. Good luck Hannah, will be thinking about you and your family. Donation is on its way.

    Cathy, Lindford xxxx

  154. There is a doctor in the US called Burzinski that has developed a cure for cancer that is non toxic and doesnt use radiation. His results are astounding and major corporations are trying everything to shut him up. look it up as he accepts extreme cases, especially brain tumors and its free.The website is :

    i really hope he can help you.

  155. You are so brave. You inspire hope for many people. Your story has touched our hearts and we wish you all best for your future. Keep smiling, your wish will come true. Lee and Lauren from Petworth. xx

  156. So moved by your story Hannah – I hope you raise the money you need very soon. Have made a donation from my family. I lost my sister to bowel cancer in 2005, aged only 33. She was given a terminal diagnosis from day 1 but I always hoped some new treatment would become available. Sadly it never did. I am thrilled you have this hope, one my sister never had. With much love and best wishes Emma xx

  157. Such a brave girl! I have donated and spread the word. I would love to also do some fundraising and will be thinking of some ideas over the next few weeks. Hope you are doing ok.

    Love Briony

  158. Hi Hannah, it’s your cousin Emma here (Carolyn and Bill’s daughter). I’m sorry for not writing earlier but we are all extremely proud of you and I know nana would be too. I’ve been listening to the radio every morning and I am amazed at the generosity of people :). Just stay strong and know that everybody loves you so much.

    Emma xxxx

  159. Very moved by your story and so happy to help by donating some money and spreading the word for you! My Dad was unwell last year with seizures, and just can’t imagine what you must be going through. Thinking of you all, even though I don’t know you personally…the best of luck with everything, you’re so so brave! xxx

  160. Very moved by your story and so happy to help by donating some money and spreading the word for you! My Dad was unwell last year with seizures, and just can’t imagine what you must be going through. Thinking of you all, even though I don’t know you personally…the best of luck with everything, you’re so so brave! xxx

  161. Just a little message to say I was truely moved by ur story, I heard about u on the eagle then a friend shared ur link, I have donated but middle of the month cannot afford much ;( my thoughts and prayers r with u and ur family. As someone else said u will reach target just stay strong in the mean time, easy for me to say I know. Sending u lots of love xxx

  162. I have donated some money, I am only a student so it wasn’t much but I know every little helps. You are an inspiration, and I really hope that you can raise all of the money and get the operation that you need xx

  163. Have just donated, and feel that a lot more people could easily donate…It’s a contribution to hopefully save somebodys life.What better feeling can you have, than that?

    Lets see that total rise!


  164. I’m sure you will raise the cash required very quickly, and you will be on your way to recovery, stay positive. I hope you receive the treatment as quickly as possible, even quicker than you think you will and you will be feeling so much better very soon. I will be donating some money towards your treatment and I pray and hope it will be a huge success and you won’t have to wait very long to start it. Carla x

  165. Hi Hannah and Paul,
    I think you are so brave and such an inspiration,never give up hope ive managed to get ur link in to the waverley social services network and hope this will bring u many more donations!
    keep strong
    Katie xx

  166. Never give up hope. I wish you well and will pray for you. Your bravery is inspirational, so well done to you and Pete for launching this appeal and I trust that all your friends and family and all Eagle radio listeners who do not know you, but are moved by your story (like me), will make a donation. Good luck. Nicola

  167. Dear Hannah & Pete,

    First off, well done for being so incredibly brave. You’re both meeting a tremendously challenging situation, that most of us can’t imagine, with astonishing strength and positivity. It’s amazing to see. Let your own resilience give you strength.

    I’m not exactly sure how I came across Team Hannah, perhaps through someone on Facebook who knows you, but however it was, I’ve been growing ever more conscious of your situation. Hopefully you received the couple of donation’s I sent across – they’re not a huge amount I’m afraid, but I was wondering if there is anything else I can do, besides obviously promoting your cause to friends/family and via social networking the web etc.

    I’m a professional photographer and if you can think of anyway in which I could assist your cause I’d be very grateful to offer you as much time and expertise as I can. I’m going to try and formulate something over the next few days. Have faith and have strength. These must be incredibly dark days for you both but know that there are wonderful people in the world backing you completely and amazing things do happen. I’ll keep donating but if I can help in any other way, don’t even hesitate to ask.

    Best wishes,


  168. Word has spread to Switzerland, good luck with the fund raiser, you will do it. Keep strong and I am sure it will all work out well in the long term. Best wishes Andy Switzerland.

  169. Hi Hannah, I have donated on behalf of myself and my husband Liam Morren – after both knowing you at school we were so sad to hear of the difficult time you are having. My mum is the chairman of govenors at Rodborough and she is going to try and find out if they can do a non-uniform day or fundraising event for you too.

    Wishing you and Pete all the best, keep positive – good things do happen. Steph (nee Whitfield)xxx

  170. Dear Hannah,

    We are so sorry to hear about your condition, it must a terribly difficult time for you and your family. We have two son’s in their twenties and just can’t imagine what you are going through, but Im sure this money can be raised for you so that you can have every chance possible. We are very happy to send you a donation and wish you lots of luck and best wishes. Take care Hannah xxxxx

  171. Hi i have a son the same age as Hannah and i dread to think how i would be handling this, £1 is on its way and i have told all my friends on facebook, i am sure this much needed money will be raised, good luck and my love and best wishes are with you. xxx

  172. Hi Hannah,

    I am so sorry to hear what you are going through, and I wish you all the best – I have donated to you and added your webpage to the bottom of my work e-mail in the hope I can get some of the people here to donate too for you.

    You are so strong, and we all want you to get there and pull through.

    Take care lady, and sending you love and stronge hugs from Headley Down.

    Allie xxx

  173. Hannah I heard about you from our friend Anna Ramsay, you sound such an amazing, strong beautiful person. I could only donate a small amount, but I know it all counts. Hopefully it wont be long until you can fly over for your much need treatment.
    Take care Hannah.
    Sian x

  174. Hannah and Pete, i pray for God to give you strength during this very difficult time. Have faith in God and know that the Bible says he can do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ever dream hope or imagine. I pray you’ll be able to raise all the money you need and that the operation will be successful.

    God bless you


  175. Hannah, I am so sorry to hear about your condition, my heart goes out to both you and your family and wish you all the best.

    My wife and I lost our beautiful 10 month old Hayden from a High Grade 4 brain tumour (Globlastoma Multiforme or GBM) so understand what you are going through. I have looked at the video and feel probably it is a bit sensationalised as some American ones can be. As there are over 120 different types of brain tumours in some shape or form and people are individuals each case of brain tumour is different to another. Biopsies usually take a week or more to determine exactly what type of tumour it is as they can be very similar and need different types of treatment.

    I’m not sure if you have been on chemo with your your treatment protocol or the in or outs of your medical background so cannot really comment on anything to do with you personally.

    All i can say is that someone claiming to be able to cure all types of cancer is a little dodgy as with the amount of various cancers in brain tumours yet alone breast, pancreas, stomach, etc, etc is ridiculous. The amount of money spent on research per annum must go into the billions and still although some cancers cures are effective the advancement is still on going.

    Life expectancy depending on the person, age, type etc varies and can vary even from a specialists estimates which are based on averages of data. We were told that the likelyhood of survival COULD be a month to a year maximum and unfortunatlly he passed away 5 weeks from diagnosis.

    The clinical trials are actually quite small and cannot find any medical journal background on this but may be something there and will ask around within contacts in the medical and medical research world.

    I wish you all the best.


    • My brothers fiance who has gbm type4 has been the see Dr burzinski in texas. Luckily she had an immune system left after chemo so the drugs Dr b administers could fully work. After 2 months the tumor which is considered terminal here in UK has shrunk 27 percent.. it is working.

  176. Sarla Parsons
    Hi Hannah, I’ve known Pete for sometime now and was so so sorry to hear about your terrible news. I am a beauty therapist and will be donating £5 from every Shellac treatment I do and hope to eventually get to meet you and experience the wonderful person Pete has spoken about. Warmest wishes to you and your family. x

  177. Hi Hannah
    I’m very sorry to hear of your trouble. I have some understanding of what you are going through as in Jan 08 I had a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I underwent 2 operations and a 6 week course of radiotherapy – losing my hair also.
    I consider myself very lucky in that I am now in remission with no sign of the tumour. I had my yearly check up recently but as the oncologist says it may return in 5 or 10 years.

    Keep positive and I’ll be very happy to donate.

  178. Positivity is the key you will get through this we give you all our excess energy…Love from Neil and Juliya at Zumba JDA… we know your strong we can see it in your eyes… Positive remember…xxxx

  179. hope you raise the money and get better soon. I have donated very little but I believe every penny is important. I did not know anything about Burzynski and watched the movie. It is unbeliavable the world we live in . However I believe in creator and please do not feel rebellious and pray. Believe and stay with love, always.

  180. Hi Hannah, I am delighted to offer you a Macrobiotic Consultation and create a specific dietary programme for you to follow. You can see more on my website at – one of the books by Michio Kushi ‘The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer would be a book I sugest you read.
    Love x
    Marlene Watson-Tara

  181. Dearest Hannah,

    I am a New Energies Practitioner and Mentor and it will be my Great Joy to Download a Module for you to receive at a time that your BEing knows is best for you. And I want you to know that this is something that you have/everyOne has access to. We are all Sparks of Source. “Incurable” simply means Curable from withIN. There is no condition or situation that cannot be reversed. I AM holding the Space of Infinite Possibilities for you ♥

    BE Well and BE In Joy :)))

  182. Hi Hannah, people are obviously missing the donate here box as they look at the site.. Could you change the colour or have a please click here to donate to make it stand out more? Blessings. Tracy

    • Hi there

      You donate by clicking on the blue button on the top of the page that says “Please donate here”


  183. Hello Pete and Hannah, I would like to wish you every success in raising the money. Unfortunately, I am unable to donate. I have a very limited budget and support my 23 year old daughter, Susie, who also have been living with an astrocytoma brain tumour for over 13 years. At the moment she is in hospital recovering from several infections. I know she would join me in wishing you both every success in raising the amount of money you need. My thoughts and prayers go out to you both and especially Pete, who is being Hannah’s support, it’s not easy and it’s frustrating at times, but there is someone out there who fully understand the position you are in. I sincerely hope you achieve your goal. Wendy

  184. Wishing you both the best of luck Hannah & Pete . I have just returned from a coffee /Fund raiser in Keswick and we are all moved by your story . Keep going you will get there and stay strong
    Jenny Clark , Keswick

  185. WOW!! Amazing Hannah and Pete!! Not sure if you remember me Hannah, but I def remember you and Anna in The Spa at Four Seasons! :) My boyfriend and his best friend just ran the Great South and are looking at taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon in Feb…any idea of how they can tie in fundraising for Team Hannah and the Brighton Half?

  186. Hi Hannah and Pete,

    I’m Sian’s cousin and saw this appeal on Facebook. I’m a medical student and I volunteer with Headway, a brain injury unit in Devon so I have seen first hand the devestation things like this can do to a person, family and friends. I truly hope that you continue getting all this support and that you get all the funding that you need, I’ve donated but its only a small amount as I am a poor student!

    Keep hoping for the best outcome, I’m sure Pete will be there for you for every step of the way (he seems like a good ‘un from the videos!). And just to inspire you further, there is a little girl in a similar situation to yours here in Exeter who has tremendous support (I don’t know if you’ve heard about Billie’s Butterfly fund) so I hope that people can continue to support and publicize your campaign in a similar way.

    Thinking of you and always hoping for the best,


  187. Hi Hannah,
    I’ve been touched by your ur age and I had a massive seizure in march and got told I had epilepsy , it’s not a great experierence .but you sound so brave and have so much support,including your lovely boyfriend .to go through this and still be strong .im amazed .god bless you,I will try my very best to think of a way to help you , keep that smile cos you seem lovely.xx

  188. my good friend had a serious life threating brian tumour – I am a friend of dan glynn and can put hannah in touch with my friend – he is amaing! funny! and has a similar tale

  189. Hannah/Pete,

    Have you looked in to LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)?

    You will be able to obtain it fairly easily in the UK (you’ll have to get a prescription from a GP… If your NHS GP isn’t open to it, most private ones will) and it is an extremely cheap drug with virtually no side effects for the dose you use. Basically, there’s no reason not to try it, and it would be a good option before trying/getting to Burzyinski’s protocol.

    Good luck guys.


  190. Dear Hannah,

    I dont know you but heard of you through a friends facebook. At 23 I had an accident and ended up with gangrene and septicaemia somehow I pulled through. I just wanted to say I know some of the pain you must be feeling at having your life turned upside down and I admire your courage to keep fighting the dreadful predicament you are in, I understand how hard it is to keep fighting when all seems bleak but it’s important to keep up the fight. So far I’ve had an extra 7 years and although they’ve been tougher than anyone could know, it has been a blessing.

    I guess I wanted to share with you the mantra that keeps me going through the darkest points

    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow”.

    Keep on fighting and I hope that somehow you will get the money to fund your operation and then hopefully one day you can hand the quote on to someone you think might just need it to get by.

    Best wishes and I will do all I can to raise awareness of your need for support

  191. Dear Hannah, Your video is inspiring! We hope your message reaches many people and you achieve your target for the treatment you are seeking. Yvonne & Peter

  192. Hi Hannah,

    I am friends with Gemma and Leoni from Dirty Dolly Jewellery who are selling some pieces to support your efforts.

    I just wanted to stop by and offer my support. I can’t imagine how hard every day must be for you but please know you’re not alone. We are here to support you every step of the way. You are inspiring and brave and the fact that you keep that beautiful smile on your face gives me the hope that you WILL beat this.



  193. Hey Hannah,

    I am so sorry to read your story and wish you all the luck, love, support and health that you deserve. Don’t know if you remember me but we went to school together-I was the other Hannah in our year! :)
    I have made a donation towards Team Hannah and will be spreading the word as much as possible on Facebook etc!
    Good luck with everything in the future and any further treatments. It is good to see that you seem to have an amazing boyfriend that loves you dearly and will be there for you all the way. :)

    Best Wishes,

    Hannah Rodmell. xxx

  194. May you maintain a wondrous inner strength to be rewarded with health & happiness for evermore with the one you love and who loves you beyond measure Godbless x

  195. I hope what little I was able to give will help in some way. My thoughts are with you and although I am terrible with technology I will try and pass this message onto my friends on facebook.

    All the best. XX

  196. Where can I make or send a donation. I just lost my father to cancer last month and would like to contribute to help.

  197. Just checking in and it is amazing to see what you have achieved in such a very short space of time. By my reckoning, the target will be achieved in another 20 weeks or so and you’ll then be booking those flights to Houston, Hannah – best wishes and good luck, Bruce & Christine.

  198. I don’t know you Hannah, but I was extremely touched by your story, and I will do what I can to spread the word of this fund-raising campaign! I wish you all the best of luck with the treatment, stay strong! You will remain in my thoughts and prayers xx

  199. Hi Hannah,

    Doing what I can to promote your cause on the social media/charity front, after all, that is part of what I do for work! Also talking to some of the charities we work with to get some more ideas for fundraising which I’ll pass on to Mrs. Cank as and when they come to me. Hope you’re staying strong, and I look forward to seeing you at the Bat & Ball some time soon. Take care xx Mandy

  200. Hi Hannah, you don’t know me, neither do I know your partner Pete. I learned about your incredible story on LinkedIn which Brian Gibbons posted in your support. I read through your blog and watched your very emotional and inspiring video. You seem such a lovely person, partner and friend judging by the posts. I have just left my current employment so money is restricted however I want to help all the same. I have 2 beautiful little girls Kaitlyn aged 2 and Codie who is 10 months old. I would be completely devastated if we were to be as unfortunate. You are someone little girl too and I truly hope everyone supports you and donates to your cause. I have sent a donation and I will be spreading the word. I wish you the very best of luck. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. Get this thing beat and don’t forget to let us know when you get the all clear. X

  201. Hi Hannah, I’m a friend of Ian Banyard (friend of Pete) and have just found out about your appeal through him. I was really touched by your story as my Granny Roberts, who I was very close to, also dealt with what you’re going through and I’ve just clicked through and donated. You’re a gorgeous girl and watching you speak was very moving. Stay strong and I’ll be praying for you and visualising you flying out to America for your treatment!
    Rebekah x

  202. This is amazing. Your appeal has reached me in Tauranga NZ and i will be donating and spreading the word. Will rally up the members of my Christian life group and do a fundraiser for you. Stay strong! we will all be praying for you here. Much Love.


  203. Hay Hannah only me… popping in to let all know im going to be organising a motorbike ride out in the spring/summer to raise as much wonga for the help hannahs bonce treatment fund…

    If you have a motorbike get on it, and bring your partners, parents, neighbours, grandparents, freinds or strangers wallets! If you dont have a motorbike please purchase one immediately….!!!

    We dont condone theft or tourture in any way just gentle persuasion… :-)

    Hannah your an amazing lady and keep that smile on your face we will together get you what you need… mean while pop teh kettle on.

    thinking of you


  204. What an amazing girl I wish her all the best and I hope she beats this illness. It has touched a nerve because my dad had a very similar illness. I will donate and be hoping for good things for her.

  205. My dad works at the same place as your does and when I saw one of the keyrings, I asked about the story… He told me and its really moved me and made me cry. One of my best friends has also got cancer and I know how hard it is for friends and family! I have put this on my facebook and twitter and will tell everyone at college as well! I’m so sorry to hear about this, but you are inspiring so many people with how brave you’re being! I have put the team hannah keyring on my keys and will tell everyone who asks about it, about you! I hope everything goes okay for you, I truly do! xxx

  206. Hi Hannah! Both my son Alexander and I have spread the word and Alexander suggests that you tweet some celebs as they will often spread the word for good causes!
    We are doing all we can for you and hopefully will be getting some fundraising events going soon!!!
    Lots of love and hugs to you!
    Auntie Jane xxxxxx
    p.s Why did no one mention that yer man was the Pete Cohen????? Recognised his phizzog straight away!!!

  207. I should have said Adband are making the wristbands free of charge and adding Hannahs story to their twitter account. (sorry) xxx

  208. A company called has agreed to make 100 wristbands with teamhannah on so we can sell them and donate the money to you. Any one wishing to buy one £2 each can contact me on they will take 2/3 weeks to be made. xxx

  209. Tenner for Team Hannah is launched – on your next payday click on the link and donate a tenner – lets see how much we can make the total go up in one day – with all the followers and tweets going on it will interesting
    Love to my baby sister xxxx

  210. Hi guys, we’re friends of one Miss Jemma Burniston in Aus and just wanted to say we’re thinking of you – sending lots of positive vibes and love and are all over raising you as much money as poss! (the Aussie dollar is strong at the moment so even better for when we send it over!)
    Lots of love x

  211. Our thoughts & prayers are with u hannah! Stay strong! We will do all we can to get u across the water!

    Loads of love from ireland! xxxx

  212. Keep going Hannah, you probably don’t remember me but we both attended Rodborough together. I am going to speak to our company HR dept and see if we can get some fund raising event going, as I have 11,500 colleagues I am hoping we can get some results. I will also do a company email to see what we can do for you. Stay strong and I look forward to hearing about your progress and successful treatment.

  213. Remember if everyone could jsut donate the price of a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, we would be there in no time.

  214. Hey Hannah. It’s great to see that total creeping up & the intro of the donate button makes it much easier for people to donate. I’ve just shared the link again on my wall. I know there’s a long way to go but with so many people involved I really think its achievable, anything is possible! Every little helps & you never know who’s gonna see your link, be touched and inspired to get involved. So keep smiling lovey, we’re all thinking of you & we’ll beat this together! I’ll be in touch soon about a fundraising thing I’m gonna do to try to boost that total again myself. Much love & huge hugs til then xxx

  215. Hi Hannah. I don’t know you…but I have to comment because your story is so inspiring. The fact you are both keeping so strong about it all. Don’t give up hope. You can fight it. 😉
    I am in a band called The Golden Strands from the isle of wight… We would be more than happy to do a fundraiser for you I’m sure we could get a few bands together and raise some money for you. I really wish you all the best. Rosie x

  216. Good luck Hannah. I don’t know you but your msg is spreading wide and fast I can see a local zumba teacher is putting on a fundraiser. Everyone will share the link on the page and although I don’t have much I will donate and i am sure plenty of others will. No doubt you will get to your goal! Stay strong to you and yr families and friends.x

  217. Hi Hannah,
    You don’t know me but I am an old friend of Pete’s. Life can be so sh*t and I hope you find a way through. I am sure Pete’s strength, humour and determination will be your rock.
    I’ve shared my donation on FB and have requested that old Quasar friends of Pete help your journey. x

  218. Hannah – you have moved me in an unimainable way, and inspired me too! I have spread the word of your battle to everyone I know, and made a contribution (small) to help you towards your goal. I am from South Africa and I want you to know I will be spreading the word and gaining as much support and donations towards your recovery as I can – I survived cervical cancer and will be thinking of you xxxx

  219. dear hannah
    of course i will spread the word and donate for your cause and john and i wish you every success.
    love to you .
    ps. your man sounds to meet him .
    dizzy page and john wiggins .xx

  220. Dear Hannah. Pete has been so generous to me over the last few years and I am happy to donate what I can (wish it was more) to help the love of his life.

    PS How did he manage to find himself such a little cracker as you? You are gorgeous. This appeal is spreading like wildfire and it will only be a short time before your wish is granted. Be brave lovely girl.


  221. Hello Hannah
    Im a friend of Louise and iv heard so much about you. You are amazing and im sure we will get to meet sometime soon. I will spread the word on Team Hannah
    Love Laura

  222. Hi hannah my name is Michelle I had a very dear friend battle a brain tumour and would say I know what your going through but I don’t. I would love to set up a charity event and wondered if you have a registered charity number for me to be able to do this. I would love to help save your life and others. Please let me know how I can help I am thinking a ladies night with strippers and drag and dance x x x

  223. Dear Hannah,
    I don’t know you personally but your message really touched me, you are a great brave lady! I have just donated a small bit and will keep spreading the word. Wishing you best of luck and sending you loads of love!

  224. Bless you hun, you have a beautiful smile and it’s horrible to see you have to go through this. If it helps in any way, I nearly lost my uncle to cancer and he pulled through and is now at the gym with me every week pumping iron next to me lol, the fittest 55 year old i’ve ever seen. You will get the help you need and pull through xx

  225. Dear Hannah, your situation is very upsetting for any of us to see. I have already seen three people in my close family to fight for life! And I can tell you, a strong person as you are, can beat it and we will help you what ever the cost you are facing to. I hope our little support will make some change. Good luck to you both. With thoughts Jirina and family.

  226. Oh Hannah I wish you nothing but love and luck. As soon as I have been paid I will donate and will ask my friends to do the same. Stay positive, that’s so important…… You are obviously very loved and surrounded by positive which is fantastic.

    My best friend had a brain tumor and swore by Zamu,(which is made from Camu Fruit really high in vitamin c) in her healing process – here is the link. Just do some research, Olivia Newton John supports the company, she used it herself when she had breast cancer.

    Also, in case you haven’t heard of it read the secret or watch the DVD…….I really believe it will help you Hannah.

    You may have already found these things…….. But they are 2 things that I think could really help you.

    Keep strong and keep smiling……. You are beautiful x

    • Hannah

      Just wanted to add that we have never met and I don’t even think I know any of your friends on facebook so news is spreading fast, you will reach your goal – I know it!

      Believe xx

  227. So pleased to see the launch of Team Hannah, such a positive move. I’ve shared twice & will continue to do so until the target is reached. Thinking of fundraising ideas too & will definitely be in touch. Stay strong beautiful Hannie. Very much love to you & Pete xxx

  228. Hi Hannah, Can’t believe it!!! Was speaking with Sian last night – well I’ve got a few ideas to raise money – and I have spoken with my brother Dean who knows a few people that might help, I’ll do my best and you will go to America – Good luck and hopefully i’ll have some good news soon – Sending all our love – Aimee xxx

  229. Hi – what is your twitter account follow me @blinkymum and will try to retweet xxx good luck and i am sure you will soon be on the way to america for the treatment you deserve xxx

  230. Hi Hannah, wishing you lots of luck – keep smiling and stay strong. I know how hard this is for you and your loved ones. I’ve made a donation, I am sorry it’s not more, I really hope you manage to raise the money you need.
    Sending big hugs

    Sarah Hammond (ex – FS Hampshire colleague)

  231. Hi Hannah,

    I have seen this through your best friend Gemma White, i am rather poor but that won’t stop me from trying to find ways to help raise money for you. my thinking cap is also on! i wish you all the luck. keep fighting! x I have a friend that just this passed weekend said he would be happy to wax his chest for charity. i’m going to inform him about this and get the ball rolling x

  232. Hannah, I remember speaking to a lovely lady with an English accent on the phone at the ESPA once, I don’t know if it was you but it brightened my day a little by how nice that lady was, if it was you, then you need to survive this and be here to brighten up someone’s day. I have no doubt you will be here in 60 years!! Positive thoughts :) thinking and praying for you, will donate whatever I can and bug everyone else.

    Lots of love from Killarney xx

    • I think it have been me! I plan to be around for at least that!!!!
      I know The Europe are planning some fundraising events, so watch this space!
      Thank you Stacey xx

  233. You are both doing very well.. everyone I speak to is thinking of great fund raising ideas! You are loved dearly literally by all.. your a gooden Hannah keep that smile on.. xxxx

  234. I had a sister who passed away last year of a brain hemmorrhage so I feel very much with you. I don’t know if it will help but try look for foundantions that support your cause and perhaps you might want to check out certain sites like and They tell you a lot about healing through natural nutritrion. Good luck and good health I wish both of you and realize how blessed you are having eachother.

    • Yon
      I am so sorry for the loss of your sister, there is nothing to take away that pain. I have been doing all the right things nutritrion wise – no coffee, alcohol, sugar etc! And I am checking the websites out as we speak!

      Thank you, Hannah

  235. Hi I don’t know you but I saw this and felt completed overwhelmed to help I dont have money to donate but I am going to start fundraising and spreading the word if I can help u get closer to Ur treatment that will make me feel amazing to know we all go through some tough times in life but it’s times like this that we need to help someone even if u don’t know them as it can make a huge diff to Ur life! XxX

  236. I am trying to send money from overseas but is difficult without a UK debit or credit card – is there a bank account to transfer a donation directly into……


  237. Hi we received this message today from anna ramsey and I believe you use to work with faye chapple, my girlfriend. I have plastered it all over facebook and will do everything in our power to help you both out until the money is raised! Hannah your not going anywhere! Both of you stay strong and healing thoughts to hannah.

    Where do we donate?

    Love chris and faye

  238. Hannie you are the most precious & special best friend a girl would ever wish for. Have plans in place for two events in Norfolk. The Bumpkin Brigade will do all we can. Cannot put into words how loved you are. Huge hugs & kisses xxxx

  239. Hi Hannah, you have the right man by your side, Pete is a amazing man, i,ve known him for a few years and he is brilliant, he has helped me and my son. we are going to get fund raising sorted out. With all your friends behind you , you will soon get the money you need. I.m spreading the word and nagging friends. keep strong. love to you and Pete. xxx

  240. Hi Hannah,

    Thinking of you always, stay strong & positive. The girls & myself have lots of great plans for raising money towards your treatment.

    Hugs & Kisses xx

  241. Hi Hannah – i saw your page via my friend Liz Tipping ( who is a friend of Pete’s ) and i have bought her e book ( and will donate on here as well).

    Try and stay positive – my son has had cancer and was given 6 weeks to live – that was 8 years ago. It can happen.

    Kellie Vernon

  242. Hi Hannah, I’m so glad that Pete told me about this because I want to get the word out about this, as much possible to help you both raise the funds that you so need. I have already wrote a post about this on my blog, and will continue to drum up support where ever I can for you both.

    This is my way of repaying Pete for all the kindness. He has given to me over the years. Stay strong, and keep smiling. Much love to you both Mark xxx, somehow we will in numbers do this.

      • Hi Hannah, hi Mark

        I posted the link to Team Hannah and asked for volunteer firewalkers to raise sponsorship to help you on your journey – 2 jumped in within a minute so we’ll have ‘Team Hannah Firewalkers’ too.

        So I agree with Mark – “somehow we will in numbers do this.”

        Stay well, stay positive.


  243. Big love from us down here.. you are a wonderful lady.. you will obviously beat it you got great back up lets all kick its F***ing arse!!! GO TEAM HANNAH!!!

  244. Amazing as my best friend I would do anything for you!!!! We are going to fight this! GO Team Hannie!! Go. Love you x I got my thinking cap for loads of Ideas. Love you xxx

  245. I admire your bravery and determination Hannah, and although i can’t afford a huge one off donation, i will make sure to make some as often as i can!
    I will be sharing links and spreading the word cause drips fill buckets :))
    Lots of love xx

  246. Hey Pete, My husband Dominic has offered to run a marathon for Hannah, how about setting up a “Team Hannah” marathon/half marathon team. Would you be able to secure places in marathons as a charity team?
    I know £150K seems a huge amount but it really isn’t, you’ll be amazed how quick we raise it.
    Alison X

  247. Pete & Hannah, you both have my support. I will start this morning by spreading the word through our friends from our NLP courses. Stay strong, if anyone can do this for Hannah, you can Pete.
    Much love
    Alison XX

  248. Hannah, I know Pete and I now feel like I know you a little from your video. I will post this wherever I can and you will get that surgery.


  249. Hannah, I have a daughter your age and can’t describe how i would feel if this was happening to her…….. keep smiling you are beautiful and will be fine… xx

  250. Dear Hannah – my money will travel accross the miles from Australia to you in England and with it loads of love will be sent your way. Warmest wishes Susan Griffiths

  251. Hannah everything will be all right, don’t you worry! The link is shared, and I’m going to tell my friends to do the same. You guys will get the money and I’m with whole my heart with you :)

  252. Hannah its Emma your cousin, my thoughts are with you and will be trying my hardest you help raise you money.

    Love ya and stay strong

    Emma xxxx

  253. Hannah we are all behind you and will do everything possible to raise the money you need.

    Love you dearly.

    Anna x

    • Hi James, To donate there’s a link to Hannah’s paypal account on the top right of every page underneath Hannah’s eyes.


      Please Donate
      Please click here help us raise the funds we need by donating.

    • Stay strong Hannah stay strong. I know of Pete through the fitness industry but don’t know him or you personally. I have some contacts that may be able to help financially and of course I will make a donation to help with your medical care. Keep fighting girl xx

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