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  1. Hi Hannah and Pete, I just wanted to say you guys are amazing, what you have been through and that you didn’t give up. You are both amazing people. I just wish this treatment was available on the open market, it would be life changing for so many people.

    I wish you both all the best and hope you continue to live happy and long lives xxxx Rebecca

  2. Just to say it’s so good to see the brilliant progress you’ve made. Well done Hannah! & well done Pete for being a such a fantastic partner in supporting Hannah in her finding the right treatment for her cancer.
    I’m sending my very best wishes to you both for the future. BIG hugs! xxx
    p.s. I bought the cookbook and it’s great with lots of very easy to follow, tasty & nutritous recipes in it – a must have cookbook for everyone who cares about their health! Thank you!

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