Hannah – The Story So Far — 8 Comments

  1. Hannah, You have such a great mind and heart. Keep moving forward girl, you and Pete are on this journey for a reason. It’s going to make you stronger and will give you a story that will inspire people around the world. Keep healing Hannah. You’re an angel and as you know… very lucky to have Pete there by your side. Health Blessings to you! Dr. Jones

  2. I love your spirit and your will to live your life. Many who are healthy don’t understand the value and the gift of living and embracing the precious time we are granted. Welcome to America Soon!

    Marie R.

  3. Wanted to wish you both a safe and successful journey to America. I had a feeling you would be there before the end of the year. I’ll keep on donating and checking out your blog.

    God bless you both.

    Maria x

  4. Hi Hannah and Pete

    Seeing the two of you and what you’re going through and have been through there’s no other word than exceptional for the both of you. Pete has called me exceptional before, but things that I’ve been through dont come close.

    You’re both amazing. Sending loads of love, hugs and support your way.

    Joolz x

  5. You two make a great couple and it is great to see the love, respect and support you have for each other!

    Best wishes for your forthcoming treatment Hannah!

    I am looking forward to losing my pounds in weight and giving them to you to instead in pounds money :0) xxx

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