Hannah’s MRI scan – 23/1/2012 — 15 Comments

  1. Congratulations on scan results ~ should this treatment not be made available to the 500+ brain tumorur sufferers DIAGNOSED EVERY YEAR IN UK ALONE go ul under NHS WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO TO STATES FOR TREATMENT THIS NEEDS TO BE AVAILABLE TO ALL

  2. amazing news and good luck with your continued fundraising when you get back home
    when do you return to the US?
    Tom and Sharon, Fresh Choices Guildford xx

  3. Praise God! That is fantastic news! Sydney and I continue to pray daily. Thank you for letting us know. Love, hugs and blessings to you both. We will miss you here in Houston, Texas.

  4. Hey guys! I am with Linda and this is BRILLIANT that the tumour is shrinking!!!

    Both Linda and I send all our prayers… x

  5. Hi Hannah and Pete, thanks for the post and this brings great news, I work out that is a 12.5% decrease, am I correct?. truely wonderful news which has made my day we are so happy for both of you, much love and positive thoughts from Mike and Georgi….. Horsham UK…

  6. Fantastic News Hannah. I’m so pleased that there is shrinkage happening. Watching this latest blog has made my morning to hear your news.

    Stay strong

    Will x

  7. Brillant news everything you have been going through has all been worthwhile.Should it get tough again knowing that this treatment has helped after such a short time will give you the strength to carry on.
    You will be able to sleep better tonight knowing that this treatment is defiantely working. For those odd doubters out there yoiu cant deny what you can see with your own eyes.
    Congratulations this has made my day.

  8. Great news Pete/ Hannah , I am with u all the way and I believe God is shrinking this tumor … I actually ask Him to get rid of it completely! I fight ( although not confirmed yet ) on Feb 17th & ( I think ) it’s on TV in America& my fight purse will go to your funds.
    Once I get things confirmed I’m going to try and get Darlington ( England , my hometown ) backing you too through papers as they follow me.
    It’s just words yet until I get it confirmed but lets get that ” kitty ” up&away for you both & I will do my best for u both.
    ” kitty ” is a bank balance Pete – it’s a Darlington saying!

    Stay safe the pair of you and I’ll feed back with more info … Probably in the next 7 days.



  9. Woo-hoo! That is the BEST news!

    Massive congratulations to you both and keep believing – all our hopes and prayers are with you for serious shrinkage to continue :o)

    Lots of love

    M xx

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