My first Team Hannah Cooking Blog

Hi there everyone

This my first Team Hannah Cookbook blog and I am really excited!

I’ve been baking my very own Cake Bread this afternoon with no wheat or sugar in site.

The book is being printed as we speak, I have already taken a number of orders and I am really thankful for your purchase. I still can’t believe that I have done this as cooking was never my thing but now it’s my passion.

Over the coming months I will be posting recipes from the book and new ones, as I continue to experiment and explore with new, tasty and nutritious low carbohydrate meals.

Many thanks and ENJOY




My first Team Hannah Cooking Blog — 13 Comments

  1. wow you are both a brilliant inspiration thank you. Having had Hodgkins Lymphoma twice I think its a great time to buy your book….looking forward to its arrival this week… thai curry first dish I am looking forward to will be good for my kids too..right I am back to watching your video…Big love light and healing xxx eva

  2. I’ve closely been following your progress (actually it has been bordering on stalking!) since Pete posted that first awful message about the tumour. It’s been great to hear/see how successful the treatment has been. Great news on the cookbook too (which I have just ordered)and bizarrely it comes at a time when I am 5 weeks into a yeast/wheat/sugar-free eating plan myself because of numerous health problems (that I believe stem from food choices), so I’m looking forward to seeing what recipes you have! Like you, cooking was never my thing, but since this eating plan began I’ve never spent so much time in the kitchen and I’m loving how putting healthy food into my system makes me feel! I now see sugar as poison. Anyway, great news on your health success Hannah. I willl continue to follow your progress, and best of luck with the book. Toni

  3. Hi Hannah, Well done you, so hard to come this far and still fighting. I will be purchasing your book. In helping you, you will be helping me. With my sugars. So I thank you for that.
    I will hold you in prayer , may the good Lord be your rock, he will bring you healing and strength.
    please look at all the work done by Mr Phillip Day.. Creadance Org. Dr
    I hope you can get something more from their work. Everything matters now, to glean as much information to help you lovely lady.
    God Bless you sweetie.
    Love Sharon xxx

  4. Hi Hannah, I have just ordered the book and cant wait to start cooking from it!! I have just had another operation and have decided that I am really going to start to take good care of my diet, iv’e always been pretty good, but I really think that your book will help me and others also. I look forward to your Cooking Blogs and more cook books to follow!! take care of your self, Love Michaela. x

  5. Hannah I have just ordered the book and cannot wait to start using the recipes. For someone who loves cooking (and eating) I cannot understand how people who don’t enjoy it. Both my kids have seen how easy and quick it is to create dinners and snacks and have got the “homemade” bug. Proud mum of a 20 and an 18 year old who enjoy cooking. Bet they will be delving into my copy of ‘The Team Hannah Cookbook’ over Christmas.

  6. Hannah
    I think it is great that cooking has become your passion and that we will also enjoy benefiting from your experimentation with low carbohydrate recipes :)
    So looking forward to the arrival of my copy! x

    • Hannah

      I’ll be sure to purchase a copy of your book. I’m just starting on a journey of gluten free as well as dairy and sugar free to help manage my health. I will continue to follow your journey to better health. Stay strong and live well. xx

      • Claire, thank you! Be sure to let me know how you get on. The bread I have posted has cream and raw milk in – try with coconut milk xx

  7. Hi Hannah. The cake bread looks really good. Cannot wait to get the book :)Looking forward to doing loads of baking and cooking over Christmas and will try as many recipes from your book as I can. A little early, but I wish you,Pete and all your family a very Happy Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year too. xx

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