Team Hannah Weekly Blog – 21/4/2012 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Hannah,

    So happy to see you looking so great and seemingly feeling good as well!! Your scans look great – you must be happy! I know there are ups and downs….to be expected. It was great to see Pete – would have liked to see you too! ( I get the no expectations before a scan…way too scary). Now we both have some serious hope!!! Watched the curry episode – wish I were there to try it. No Indian food where I live… Best Eve

  2. Hi Hannah & Pete
    I’m overjoyed for you both, it’s so lovely to see you BOTH looking so much better & SO happy, you look exactly how a young couple so much in love should look (rather than looking worried/tired all the time). I realise that you are not completely out of the woods yet BUT you are over the worst now, so keep doing what your’e doing & start to put this nightmare behind you.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  3. You both looks so happy :) and Hannah you are looking extremely well, well enough to be giggling away and being humorous, just great!

  4. Awesome to see you again Hannah, you are looking great! Something’s working :)

    I thank God that you both chose to share this experience. It is really special to see the process from a personal side and gain understanding. I hope lots more people get to see this. Dr B. is a gifted man.

    Keep up the good cooking!

  5. Hi there , so good to see you looking so happy Hannah, and you too of course Pete! The MRI scan results are fantastic and this must make you feel so much more positive, you look it anyway. So, is this a case now of move over Nigella Lawson, Hannah Bradley is next up on the TV Cookery shows??! Glad you are enjoying it anyway and feeding great food to your lovely Pete. Look forward to next blog and your news, keep positive and I send you lots of love.

    Yvonne xxxxx

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