Team Hannah Weekly Blog – 7/1/2012 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Hannah and Pete I follow your blog/facebook daily and I have now realized that I worry like a mother hen when we dont here from you!. You have both touched so many peoples hearts that I know you have positive forces being sent to each and every minute of the day. You are never on your own someone somewhere no matter what time of day is always wishing you strenghth and a speedy recovery.
    Lovely to see you both smiling again.
    Take care be strong
    Yvonne Hampshire UK

  2. 300 hundred people have signed up for the weight loss challenge? and you’re surprised? Wait until you come back and see all the fat people there are walking around after Christmas – then you won’t be surprised! I’m one of them :o( Keep smiling Hannah, despite what you’re going through you always manage to look beautiful! Liz xx

  3. Hi Hannah and Pete, we wish you a special happy new year and and hope that this year will bring forth positive results in Hannah’s treatment, it is so kind of you to share your experiance with us on the net and it almost feels a though we are there with you, well in a sense we are in positive thoughts, the surroundings you are staying at is lovely with those ponds and fish and the sound of water makes for a tranquil stting. Hannah the treatment you are having we have read about, but what makes yours so interesting is the weekly updates and keeping all of us in the loop as to what is has taken place over the last few days, hang in there and remember: “NEVER GIVE UP” before you know it you will look back and say that it was a horrible dream thank goodness it is all over and behind you. Lots of love and positive thoughts from Mike and Georgi.. Horsham……. UK

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