Team Hannah Weekly Blog – 18/02/2012 — 7 Comments

  1. I learned of your illness through my daughter Kate Huse who knew Hannah when they both worked at The Four Seasons hotel. I immediately thought that I wanted to fund raise. I baked for weeks night and day and had a coffee morning for the parents at St. Patricks school Farnborough. Thanks ladies for your generosity. Also thanks to the admin staff and officers at Aldershot Police Station for eating lots and giving generously. Also thanks to the very hungry staff at All Hallows School Farnham and their generosity.Also a big thank you to my partner Tony Mist who put up with piles of cakes and pastries all over the kitchen for weeks! I am sorry It took so long to give you the £200 that I raised. Unfortunately Tony had a heart attack at Christmas and had a triple bypass at St Georges, so I have been really busy caring for him as well as going to work. I am busy thinking about my next fund raising venture. All the very best to you both. xx Thelma Huse

  2. Sorry to hear of Hannah’s slight set back. Words seem totally inadequate to describe the inspiration you are. Just heard last week that I was successful in the balot to run in the Great North Run in September. i’m going to run to raise money for Team Hannah. Ha way the lads!!

  3. Hi Hannah and Pete

    You guys dont know me but I have learned about you through a mutual acquaintance. I have kept up with your blogs for the past few months and I just want to say that you two as individuals and more importantly as a couple amaze me.
    The love that you have for each other is so strong and I see it in every blog whether you are both in it or not. What you two are going through no couple or person should have to endure. Your strength is a lesson we should all should learn from. Nothing in life should ever be taken for granted.

    You, Hannah AND Pete, are true life inspirations to us all and I wish you all the best in continuing Dr Burzynski’s treatment and in life.

    Sending lots of prayers, and love from the states.


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