Team Hannah Weekly Blog – 31/3/2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Hannah & Pete
    sorry to hear that you have had a nasty cold Hannah, hope that you are now over the worst of it, also sorry to hear that you have had a seizure, I know from personal experience how ghastly they are (my dear brother suffers from them) following a traumatic head injury after an horrendous accident. Hope you keep well & can carry on with the treatment.
    As for the blog update’s please DON”T feel that you have to do them every two weeks, EVERY one understands that you may not feel up to doing them, so just do them when you feel up to it.
    BIGGEST of HUGS to you both
    Sandra (craftynan)

  2. Good luck mate, you doing a fantastic job being by her side. don’t forget to try and relax yourself asmuch as possible as Hannah will need you.It must be hard for Hannah to be on the videos as she seems tired from it but once again, thanks for the insight…thanks for the great little videos. Take care and good luck.

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