Team Hannah Weekly Blog – 7/9/2012 — 5 Comments

  1. I am so happy to have seen your documentary and shared your experience. I am trying to slowly share this in my little country of Malta ( Europe)in the Mediterranean…You both have been an inspiration, Hannah with her sweet disposition and immense strength and Pete with his perseverance and true love! Will be staying in touch as I know of a young girl with inoperable brain tumors…All the best for the new movie, and thank you thank you thank you for doing this…xxx

  2. Hi Hannah,

    My name is Sheron. I am from Ontario, Canada, and I just watched your documentary of your journey through this ordeal. You are strong! I know at times you may feel you’re not so strong but at the end of the day, you have more strength than many people I know that don’t have anything going wrong in their life. As I watched, I could only imagine what you must be feeling. What you must be going through…and I’m not so sure I would be as strong. I am so happy that this trial you are doing is working so well for you! I know in my heart that one day the doctor will say the words you long to hear ‘You’re in remission’ 😉
    You are in my thoughts and in my prayers,

  3. Hannah you are a warrior fighting a battle for many others who don’t have the strength. Whilst viewing the documentary today I had no idea how u might be doing today. I prayed. Now having seen the blog I am so excited for you both. The two of you are special people and your love for each other is brilliantly divine.
    God bless you.
    I shall follow this and look deeply into the mechanism of this miraculous cure. Your doc a prodigal genius who will lead the way building a bridge using the very atoms we are comprised of into a stable molecular conformation to form cells bathed in a homeostatic environment!
    May this light of health surround you always

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