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  1. So very happy for you Hannah….you are extremely blessed to have someone as committed and supportive as Pete by your side on this very difficult journey. I hope your story has given hope to many.

    Best wishes.

  2. Hi Hannah Hi Pete,

    You are absolutely right about this treatment being taboo, and it should not be, people should have the right to choose. It’s just so upsetting that it is this way. I also have posted info about the antineoplastons on my FB and it seems no one seems to be aware of this, yet it is information available on the web. There was a great documentary about Doc Burzynski: (( and interestingly enough, the FDA got paten rights to some of Doc Burzynski products, done in a manner that is very sneaky and dishonest. But like you said, he is an honest man doing better for man kind. If I can help in anyway, I will be happy to do so, because I too want this to become something available to the public. My father died of pancreatic cancer in April 2012, but had I known what I know today, I would have encouraged him more from the beginning when he still had the energy to do something about it… I only started to look into cancer and other options that exist after a few months into him having been diagnosed. He die before he could even start the chemo. I am a true admire of you both, keep it up, you got my support. Tatiana

  3. I’d like to pass on my congratulations to Hannah. This is just amazing news. I got a link to your treatment journey video in my inbox this afternoon. So I’ve kind of done the whole of it in one small bit of time. I’m feeling all emotional for you. I came here to find out how you were. I’m so happy for you Hannah. And Pete? Don’t give up on the idea that you can make a difference. You can. Ill people are seldom powerhouses. But we need them desperately to fight our corner. Never doubt the power of the light you have developed through your campaigns for Hannah because this light shines for the many of us who are in darkness.

  4. Hi Hannah & Pete.
    such wonderful news, I am over the moon for you both.
    Pete I sincerely do hope you do carry on the campaign. YOU need to let everyone know what this wonderful Doctor Burzynski has done for Hannah/other’s (I just wish that I had known about him in my Mum’s case), who was sent home to die. As hard as it is, sometimes in life you are thrown a curved ball for a reason, & I think you are the right guy to show the world that they need to take notice of this wonderful doctor. ???? Is there any chance you could air Hannah’s story on T.V.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  5. Amazing news guys, I hope you can find the strength to carry on this amazing campaign you have both been fighting. It brings warmth to my heart on this sunny morning in Surrey that you guys have made a huge leap towards happiness in the future. Good luck, and I’m incredibly glad to have been a part of this. I can only imagine how hard this must have been.

  6. Congratulations Hannah! What great news! Hannah & Pete remember us, but for the others reading, We are Americans & met Hannah & Pete at the Burzynski Clinic last December & January. Janet went to the Burzynski Clinic for their help with recurrent ovarian cancer, but under US law, Dr Burzynski is not allowed to use his technology on that. Fortunately he IS allowed to use it on certain brain cancers. Like Hanna’s.

    Dr Burzynski & his team are doing their best to help Janet and at the moment, Janet appears to also finally be cancer free. At the moment we are waiting for some tests to come back, which is always stressful. But, we are extremely optimistic.

    Thanks so much Pete for trying to spread the word and trying to get the Trillionaire Pharma and Healthcare Exploiters to stop killing people by suppressing Dr Burzynski & his team.

    Please, people everywhere, try to get honesty back into Healthcare. “Burzynski, The Movie” is just the tip of the iceberg. Many useful and quite safe methods are being suppressed. Please help Pete, and others to spread the message that will save thousands of lives by allowing honest data to get to the people. Do some research and expose the corruption. Even if you just tell your friends and family. Every single person that learns what is really happening will, hopefully tell a few more and maybe we can overthrow this tyranny.

    Ask your library for “Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work”, just one of dozens of great books. Google around. As you learn more, tell your friends. Hannah could not be cured by her “Medical Doctors”. But, a technology that has been suppressed for many years, saved her and gave her her life back. Others need to know. We all need Truth, not greed. (Sorry for the sermon, but loved ones are dying.)
    Dave & Janet

    • Hello

      Although you talk about one illness, cancer treatment, your point is more generic. The main problem I feel is that medicine in homogenous which gives them a huge power clout over patients. Why? Because illness is a silo. Each patient is isolated from the start and patient groups are usually for one illness set or they are connected to the medical institution so are submissive to this bureaucracy. Yet the characteristics of illness are generic or in broad subgroups.

      In my view ‘illness homogeneity’ groups are the powersource to override this MediGod position. A collaboration across multiple illness silos through activism and co-ordinated ‘treatment access’ advocacy. Patients need to get joined together, political and militant. Pete and Hannah are unusual – they are getting support. What patient normally gets that? Certainly not my friend’s best friend who died with a brain tumor after being treated like a crazy person by the NHS despite public siezures, migranes that made her vomit, unconsiousness. She was told she was making it up. When she collapsed in the street and wouldn’t wake up they gave her a scan. She died 3 weeks later. She was 23. Did her death change anything? No.

      What Hannah and Pete have done is extraordinary. Yet this will not be enough to help get accessible treatment or to change the establishment. It’s not just drive, passion or vision or even a life being saved or lost that can change things but method and collectivity. A patient may know his doctor is corrupt but if he’s alone and ill, he’ll accept the corruption.

      Patients will not change MediGod madness from the bottom up, from speaking to a GP. Patients can only smash their poor rights from the top down. By getting Bills into Parliament or before the Senate that are passed into law that allows choice. The medical boards will not be more open and Big Pharma will never do anything that will affect their money. Patients need to be political. And out of their silos.

      You wrote your comment on this blog site because you had nowhere else to write it. I wrote my response here because I had nowhere else to write it. And so my case is proved. If there was any form of successful homogenous activist groups in common knowledge, you and I would both be there. This blog would be linked to there. That site would be linked to here… Research units like Cancer Research UK don’t take this cause up. It’s not their job to. So that’s the second point. There are no big organisations (charities etc) that can strong arm change.

      Can something be done, yes of course. But it must be a new approach. And I think Pete might be the man for the role of spearhead…

  7. I have cried many times following your journey for the last year but not as much as I just have watching this latest clip!!
    There are no words, all my love & very best wishes to you guys for your future happiness – god knows you deserve it!! Bev xxxx

  8. This is just the most awesome news. Tears of joy here! Wishing you all the health and happiness in the world, along with everything you wish for yourselves. Love, Debs xxx

  9. amazing never ever doubted burzinyski fantastic news i wish i had the money for him to help my hubby hes been battling it for years now

  10. OMG, this is great! I’m so happy for you, Hannah and Pete. :) You guys are so strong and brave, truly an inspiration for others. Wishing you all the best, Mel x

  11. This is the greatest news! Pete, I’ve been following Dr. Burzynski’s story for a year now, and if anyone can help push his treatments to the mainstream, it’s you! Hannah, I’m so very happy for you!!!

  12. wow, how wonderful! I am so happy with you! Congratulations! Well done!
    Have lots of fun and enjoy your life.
    With what you have achieved together: Everything is possible for you!
    Love Tom

  13. you should have seen the look on my face when I watched this!! I literally could not stop smiling. I’m so happy for you both <3
    And I hope you come back to the U.S. soon on good/visiting terms and we get to see you guys!! ^-^
    -Ashly Kirk

  14. What fantastic news, Hannah and Pete, I am so VERY happy for you, the best news ever! You are both fantastic and I know you will go forward from here together. well done indeed. loads of love as always xxxxxxxxx

  15. Congratulations! Been following your progress periodically and am thrilled that you are step-by-step heading toward total cure! I will continue to pray for your health and wellness. Stay strong!

  16. Hannah and Pete,
    this is brilliant news! I am beyond happy for the two of you! The road you have taken leaves me deeply in awe of your courage and strength! You can be so proud!
    I wish you all the best for your upcoming ‘normal’ life. :)
    Very warm wishes from Germany,
    Kathi x

  17. Oh my goodness me, what a wonderful wonderful podcast, I am sitting here bawling watching it, My heart goes out to you both, and I am so over the moon at your wonderful news, I truly wish you both a long and very happy future together, and if I know Pete, as I think I do, he will be on one hell of a mission to get this treatment recognised to help others save their loved onces life…….. God bless you both

  18. just the most amazing news πŸ˜‰ you guys must be somewhere in the middle of …shocked and elated πŸ˜‰ Very VERY well done πŸ˜‰ xxx

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