Team Hannah Weekly Blog – 30/12/2011 — 16 Comments

  1. Hannah you are amazing, I hope the treatment is going well and you are keeping strong. My daughter and some of her colleagues from your workplace are doing a 10k run at the end of the month so I have just donated again and hope they will raise lots of cash for you.

    Keep positive both of you, you’re in my thoughts and prayers evey day. Have faith xx

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you both, Hannah keep those positive thoughts uppermost in your mind, together you will come through this. Lets hope 2012 is the year you emerge healthy and fit again.

  3. Hi Hannah, I have watched all your blogs also, and yes this one was very hard to watch, remember we are all still here for you and will continue to be for as long as you need us. You are a very brave and lovely girl, and Pete is your rock, at this time things are very rough for you, please stay strong and have faith, and believe that you WILL come through this – I wish for you that 2012 will be a good year for you, and remember we will all still be here for you, as I said for as long as it takes.( I promise!!)

    with lots of love to you and Pete

    Yvonne xxxx

  4. Hi Hannah & Pete
    Oh Hannah my heart goes out to you both, having to go through all this C— (whoops I’ve said that C word now), and I don’t swear lol. I know it must be sooooooooooooo hard for you at this awful time, BUT stay strong, & this awful nightmare will soon be in your past. I said a HUMONGOUS prayer for you last night at midnight, that 2012 was going to be a brilliant year for you (and I don’t very often prayer) naughty I know, but my take on it is, if youv’e always asking for your prayer’s to be answered HE will get fed up with your whinging & whining, so I only ask him for real special prayer’s to be answered (which your’s is a millon fold).
    As for you having to ask for extra money I wouldn’t give it a second thought, anyone that has/is donating already must know that it was always in the pipeline that extra money may/would have to be found, I just wish that I had sufficent funds to give you all the money (to save you having to worry about it), as I feel you have enough to worry about now. BUT on the other hand if someone had been kind enough to donate the whole amount, you would most probaly never have come into contact with some of the fantastic people that have/and are still donating. I myself have not donated yet BUT I promise you it is coming, I am just waiting on paypal to clear the money owing to me. I am also frantically making (one off hand made) greeting cards to sell (which someone has kindly agreed to sell in their shop), so the proceeds will also be coming your way.
    As for the non-beleiver’s of the work that this doctor is doing, just ignore them (hard I know) just imagine them as an itch, scratch them and they go away, as long as you beleive in him and the work he is doing, that is all that matters.

    Stay strong & look after each other.
    with love & HUGE healing HUGS
    Sandra (craftynan)

  5. Dear Hannah and Pete
    I so wish you both the very best New Year. Hannah you are a beautiful woman and I just love your smile and I so admire your strength. I will be out with friends this evening for a drink and to see the New Year in but my thoughts will be with you two gorgeous people. I will be toasting your health.

  6. Totally agree with above comment – this was by far the hardest t watch so far.

    I really do think and hope that this is the worst over and done with, and that from now on all you have is great progress and heartening news from the docs out there. There are so many people here following you, donating to your cause and sending you both lots of love. I’m sure it is a comfort to you as you continue your fight. Keep well, stay positive, and thankyou for sharing your journey with us all.

    Jenny Ilsley x

  7. Happy New Year Hannah and to you Pete. You are truly inspirational, your fight and determination to beat this is very moving and I hope people keep donating. Keep fighting because I know you will get better. I am sorry I didnt get to meet you and work with you as I started at the Europe just after you left but from what I have heard you mean so much to all the people there. Best of luck for the coming year.

    Michael xx

  8. Hi Hannah, been following your blogs, this has to have been the hardest one to watch so far, your such a brave girl, will be thinking of you as always xx
    Lots of love

    Kate Devereux x

  9. God bless you Hannah and Pete. Sending you hugs.. Remember you are not alone we are all wishing you the best of health and willing you both on. We will all do what we can to spread the word and raise money for you.
    When things get tough just remember there is always love and hope and whilst you have these you will get through the worst of times.
    I really wish that 2012 will be youir year and yoiu regain your health.

    Love Yvonne

  10. Hannah you are a real inspiration to us all, you are so brave and no matter what you seem to be able to keep on smiling I really admire you.I have been following you weekly blogs since mark (Horder) my brother told me about your illness and think you are doing amazing.stay positive you can beat this much love to you and I will be signing up to Petes weight loss plan on the 1st .
    Happy new year to you both.

  11. Hello hannah and pete just watched your blogs ,I’m choked , Hannah you are so so brave , I pray with all my heart that you will be well very very soon ? You have pete with you to support you and love you , you are in the best hands ! I wish you both a healthy and happy new year xx

  12. You are both so brave and strong – here’s wishing all you wish yourselves in 2012 and beyond. Sending you so much love and virtual hugs from not so sunny Sussex 😉
    Sharon xxxx

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