Team Hannah Weekly Blog – 24/12/2011 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi to you both, have a good day (as you are able to) in the circumstances. Because of what you said on your blog, I have given my grandchildren an extra hug and must have told them a hundred times how much I love them all. My heart goes out to you both, (because of having to spend Christmas away from your family & friends), but try your best to stay positive, just keep thinking of the goal at the end of this horrible nightmare.
    Sending you humongous healing hugs.
    Sandra (craftynan) x

  2. Hi Hannah and Pete your journey has become so close to my heart that the first thing I do in the morning is check your blog to see what progress you have made. I am sure I am not the only person to feel like this so with all our positive thoughts willing youi on and the love that is sent your way you will climb that mountain.There will be days where it will be tough and you may falter a little but with your inner strenghth, the love and support from Pete (your angle on earth) and all of us wshing you a speedy recovery you will get there in the end that fact I have no doubt.
    Its tough right now but you can do it. Wishing you love and cudles.
    Take care of each other.

  3. Hi guys, just watched your update thank you for keeping us informed, Hannah Georgi and I hope you feel better tomorrow for Xmas and hope the both of you have a super happy day, wishing you all the best much love and positive thoughts for both of you from both of us…..
    Mike and Georgi…… Horsham UK

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