Team Hannah Weekly Blog – 17/12/2011 — 12 Comments

  1. Keep on believing Hannah , I do :) in boxing faith wins fights so keep on going :) I believe you’ll be great.
    The next blog has to be done with a Santa hat …. Pete, u can be the Elf

    I know it’s wrong on a lot ov levels but I’ll donate £100 to your cause instead of £50 if u get Pete with a pair of Elfs ears….

    Praying for u both each morning…. I think you’ll do great and be great!


      • haha lol , i never expected u to write ‘yes’ … your suppose to write back there is no were that sells elfs ears in texas… come on pete , lets not b silly ! an, just settle for the 50 quid! ur suppose 2 b an elf not the grinch mate

        i thought we r pals !!

        ps seriously tho , if u dress up as the grinch mate an paint urself green an make a decent effort at makin urself luk a fool i’ll up the anty mate to 150 mate … Hannah has to do the elf script as a santa hat sat in the background doesnt embarrass anyone mate.


        sent in love bro x 😉

  2. Brilliant news Pete & Hannah (Alison <— who doesn't say much!). I like that your total is nearly £123,456. Loving your weekly updates. Keep smiling!

  3. How have you got the energy to blog (you both look very tired), Hannah you still manage to show us your lovely smile, I’m sooooooooooooo pleased that everything is going so well, stay postive.
    lots of love
    Sandra (craftynan)

  4. Lovely to see you both- keep up the good work- hope Alison isn’t too much of a gooseberry!
    Much love Liz, Greg & Harry xx

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